Exercise update

So for two/three days I had stiff legs after Tuesday’s sailing. I have swum his week and continued to keep up with my 10k steps target better than any month this year so today saw my total for the month exceed 250k, up on a previous best of 214k. Five days to go, let’s see what I can achieve by the end of the month and even better I weighed in at my lowest this year at 18st 4 1/4 lbs. The possibility of weighing less than 18 stone again seems like it may be on.

Sunday, tomorrow and on safety boat duty in what should be choppy conditions.in am already booked to sail again next Tuesday evening and so I need to start to swim on a more regular basis.

I admit exercising at 58 is harder, recovery takes longer but I am starting to find some motivation I have lacked in quite a while which is very positive.

2 weeks on from that chest infection …sailing

Last Thursday I was on safety boat duty at the sailing club but a lack of wind meant that racing was cancelled and I didn’t get to find out what limits there were to my energy.

Tonight my first actual sailing, helming a boat single hand. I managed to sail, I followed instructions, I didn’t capsize, I was generally in control. These are all positives for,only my second sail this year and third year of learning to sail dinghies.

As the session went on after about 45 mins started to get cramp in both legs which included stretching whilst steering and monitoring the main sheet and jib. At times I stood in the dinghy too. Once I got ashore after a tow for the last 200m or so my energy just ran out and I found myself having to take a breather. I then packed my boat away and moved it to its position in the boat park.

Racing this Thursday may not be happening though and I may just need to pace myself back. I had worked a full day where I didn’t move a great deal but used my brain on three pieces of work plus sales and shop talk with visitors.

At the end of the day the chest infection and stop in exercising will take time to get over – but I generally enjoyed being out in the bay again tonight.


… where you live. We moved to Dorset at the end,of the summer 2016. We have visited much of the coastline betweenPoole harbour and Lyme Regis. However, we have not often ventured too far inland within our ‘new’ county.

A few weeks ago before Purbeck Art Weeks started we went to Shaftesbury to find a jewellers and also visited the classic Gold Hill. In the way there and coming home we visited some Dorset Art Weeks studios in the countryside. Today we returned to collect the item from the jewellers, found a nice coffee shop / cafe in Shaftesbury and then headed back via Sturminster Newton and then across country to Milton Abbas high we had seen pictures of but never visited.

A range of country lanes and views from the chalk escarpment into Somerset as amazing.

Looking north into Somerset

Milton Abbas was the first planned village in England (so I read) in 1770 with 36 thatched cottages accommodating two families. The village has had several additions since and included a lovely set of almshouses, a church,various cottages with former uses as their names, like the bakery, post office, forge. Definitely chocolate box cottages with thatched roofs and roses over the front doors over several houses.

Milton Abbas

We ended up eating in Millbourne St Andrew instead due to a shortage of chefs at the Milton Abbas pub. A good day exploring parts of Dorset we need to reach more often.

Slowly, slowly

Well we have reached the 19th June and months total steps in 190000 after asking more over the last fortnight. 0n Monday 13th I rang GPs and had an emergency check up to have my chest etc listened to. Infiction in chest has responded to antibiotics and additional steroids but the cough phase well that could last 6 weeks – just heading into week 3.

Then we had several hot days weather wise which I am never good at coping with although my sleeping although patchy has increased from 2 hours daily sat up to up to 8 hours on interrupted sleep lying down.

Today is Fathers Day, Anne and I went for a walk knowing there was a moderate ne breeze which meant the temperature had dropped a lot. We didn’t go as far as normal as we have been after adding an extra layer it was proving too much. my body’s solution to lie down and I then slept most of the afternoon.

In the last week I had to cancel a dentists appt as there was no way I could breathe with dental instruments in my mouth plus risk of coughing on dentist. I kept shop shut that day for recovery time. On Monday and Thursday I ahead taken a class out for about 2.5 hrs sketching on the seafront – oI love the children’s enthusiasm but you forget how tiring that can be too. Three days at the shop with lots of active shade seeking. I also swam in the sea twice. So clearly I am getting fitter overall.

Today our youngest selected an old,photo for Father’s Day of him and I out off road boarding together – action dad years are clearly over.

So a bit of a waffle but health update.

Gradually increasing the exercise

Anne and I are clearly not healthy yet as our coughing indicates. The fact I am not using an inhaler multiple times every hour show things are much improved. So my first full day of being affected Tuesday 7th I didn’t leave the flat and walk any recorded steps.

Since then we have done two walks most days, not always evenly split but definitely getting out and enjoying the sunnier weather and also just being down by the water.

It’s a start
A Mini Moke 21 reg. seen on pm walk
Early morning walk yesterday
Sheps Hollow, North Bay
On the pier
Down at Shell Bay

As usual it will be a case of working on getting healthier, increasing exercise gradually and hopefully start to lose some more weight but more importantly feel fitter.

Cough, sleep, not sleep

Last night I was very tired and went to sleep quickly, but apparently noisily. I woke around 05.30 and unable to go back to sleep went online for a while then decided to go for an early morning walk.

I actually did my longest walk in a while, descending to Pier Head approach and then along the seafront as far as the northern end of the bay. I paddled my feet in the sea and on the out leg climbed over the groynes from the banjo pier onwards.

I took a series of photos and video clips using my phone.

On the return journey I was more coughy and had to stop at times for wracking fits of coughing.

Home for breakfast then walk along the seafront from The Square to say hi to the craft marketers and some photos of the Open sea rowing regatta by The Mowlem.

After work and returning home Anne and I went for a further walk again from Pierhead and along as far as Ocean Bay. In total today I walked 18,000 steps – up yes tired and some sore legs but such a wonderful experience too. Tomorrow I am shutting the shop rather than opening for the last day of PAW and another walk beckons.

Back to work

I don’t have to work, I am self employed but after three days off I’ll returning and opening the shop was great today.

I sat out in the sunshine, did some drawings, recorded some ideas for future ideas, chatted with visitors, sold some art – I was happy.

We also walked before and after work including a seal in the swimming area to the north of the banjo pier.


Sleeping aid idea to try

So for the third consecutive night I have managed one longer sleep stunt of a maximum of two hours length. Sometimes an hour of pm nap but coughing bringing sleep periods to an end each time.This morning someone has suggested applying Vicks vaporub to the soles of my feet and wear socks to protect bedding and carpet. Apparently May reduce cough breaks to sleep.

Nothing ventured nothing gained – I will feedback.

Cough, sneeze, wheeze…

Yep infected again but not covid… I could do without it while being open so much for art weeks but then being open everyday weakens the system and makes me more susceptible.

Oh well, tissues, inhaler, throat pastilles..

It is

Life in Purbeck Art Weeks for me

So once a year, subject to global pandemics, we have our local art weeks from May Whitsun bank holiday weekend and schools summer half term to the end of the following week.

Since I started taking part in 2017 I have committed to opening as much as possible. So this week and next week apart from two Mondays where I do a duty at Rollington Barn our main exhibition centre I am open at the shop from 10 til 5. So 14/16 days working.

It’s not as if it’s that energetic though as I mainly sit and draw and chat to people but it’s amazing how that interaction with people, even though very enjoyable, is quite tiring. We have now had 5 days and 4 shop days for me. 168 visitors so far and I am tired but today we did at least get out for a walk after I returned from work.

Am I complaining, no. Am I enjoying the art weeks so far? Yes. I just thought I would share what it involves.