Wednesday – PAW 11/14

A day of two art for my fun pieces – the Watersports boiler suit and planet Purbeck environmental education hat.

Work area
Landscape to add more larger vessels to
Planet Purbeck hat

Some prints bought this morning and several cards sold today so good returns and the art for fun and sunshine, can’t complain.

Tuesday – PAW 10/14 – sailing

So today the weather was lovely again and a link that ran through several parts of the day was sailing.

Yesterday Anne and I had watched ‘Medallia Solo Sailor’ with Pip Hare and team sail off on route to London. Today I was aware they would be passing the Kent coast and up the Thames.

Today I framed up my first of what will be a limited edition of 5 prints of the Lino cut I drew and hand crafted during my period of self isolation last month. The focus is historic sailing ships which we have seen several of in Swanage Bay through August this summer,

Linocut hand printed on cotton rag paper
Now displayed in box frame

My second item to work on today was my ‘Watersports’ boiler suit. I had started a map on the back panel to show which watersports happen and approximately where around the Purbeck coast. Today I went over several of the symbols in white Posca marker and then I drew the key and then labelled the larger boats near the mouth of Poole harbour including the sailing yachts.

Map and key (lower left)

Finally on my way home after work I noticed three tall ship linked vessels in the bay. The first is a modern yacht training yacht linked to the Tallships sail training experience. The other two are historic sailing ships, two and three masted.

S/Y Blue Clipper

This evening I read about Pip Hare’s journey up the Thames where tomorrow she meets with Medallia Inc. her sponsors for the Vendee Globe campaigns of 2020 and 2024.

Medallia drone clip posted by Pip Hare

Monday – PAW 9/14

So a quiet day for sales but some visitors, art for fun and great progress with two of my art projects.

Pier drawing

From this
To this completed piece

Probably my best line drawing yet and a work of patience and methodical working through zoomed in photo details.

Boiler suit

Line drawings
Swimmer and diver section
Map symbols added to show water sports locations

Sunday – PAW 8/14

So, I missed yesterday blogging wise. Less visitors as the weather was so warm but sold an original piece which was fantastic. So today’s forecast was sunny spells and a maximum chance of 5% rain, so this afternoon it rained.

This morning I had two for art for fun who came last Saturday, so return visitors.

The art I have worked on today is my new wooden box piece which will be based on photos from my kayaking in Swanage Bay and offers different angles from those that we usually see of Swanage’s features. My first drawing is the structure of the pier from an angle looking up at it.

Detail in pen and ink

Today was a two print sales day and the figure of 200 print sales hovers nearby and a great achievement. By the end of the month we might even see greeting card sales pass the 5000 total. (These are both since 2017 to 2021 totals).

The new week from Monday – one more week of Purbeck Art Weeks 2021 (I will be on duty at Rollington Barn on Sunday 26th in the Watersports boiler suit). This week is also Planet Purbeck’s first festival. So six more days of Art for Fun on offer as part of both events from 10 to 5 each day.

Art for fun will continue afterwards from Monday 27th, but will start later on that day as I must go to Rollington Barn to collect my unsold work and collect any takings. If however you would all like to visit in the next week and buy my prints and originals I could just collect money that would be ok too, lol.

Now caught up on Strictly…. Launch show and watched Rhys Stephenson, ex pupil from my teaching time in Collier Row in Romford (2006 to 14), I look forward to seeing his progress and family members in the audience.

Sunday morning

Hi missed posting yesterday as tired after sunny day at the studio and attending friends wedding evening do.

I will blog later today.

Sunday morning

Friday – PAW 6/14

More card sales today including a few requests for Christmas cards and also recommending the card I have designed for Swanage RNLI shop. Card and print of Rescue sold today taking money raised from sales to £72 to date.

Lots of chats with visitors re art for fun, mental health also linked to hard copy of Happiful magazine which had arrived.

I started my day with a kayak in the bay from 7:00 to 8:15 which was beautiful and more ideas for scenes from a different viewpoint.

On the water

This evening a meal out with friends. Tomorrow hopefully some art for fun takers or more drawing and talking for me. My September has now exceeded my sales for August although this was impacted by self isolation period. Over 100 greetings cards sold in the first 17 days of the month, another 100 and I pass 5000 cards sold since I started.

I am really enjoying the interaction with visitors to the shop and area once more including a great discussion about stick and bell Morris this afternoon.

Thursday – PAW 5/14

So, as well as the Happiful article in previous post being published online today I also had a busy day.

So bed at 10, woke initially at 04:00 and on looking out the window I thought I could see some off shaped clouds above the rooftops – out my glasses on to confirm they were boats moored in Swanage Bay and no discernible horizon.

Around 07:30

Back to sleep later, an earlier start with dropping car off for paintwork repairs (not caused by us) up on industrial estate for 08:15. A time that in my previous life would have been already at work for 45 mins or more, now an early start.

Up near industrial park
Down to the seafront on way into work

Time for a coffee and chat at Java with the early regulars, then onto the shop around 9ish. Set up and allow myself a range of activity choices linked to sales this week and gaps appearing on the shelves.

Boiler suit or wooden box or drawing or …

So this morning between visitors and customers I started experimenting with my new papers, Baren and Lino printing – there will need to be more experimentation re. How long to soak different papers / blotting excess water, drying time, how much baren pressure, when to think… I really enjoyed myself.

Linoprinting and baren from Pooki Presses

Then I moved onto draw a scene of Swnage pier and boats on a piece of cotton rag paper left over and have put this up for sale, yes that is my drawing of the pier from memory.

Later, I added sea deeper than 10metres onto the boiler suit map finishing just before closing time.

Map extended

A good day…

Happiful True Life article in October 2021

Andy: the art of recovery

Feedback welcomed

Wednesday – PAW day 4/14

Not so many shop visitors, a couple of sales and a commissioned birthday card drawn and collected. Apart from that the weather was lovely so I was able to sit outside most of the day and add to the Watersports boiler suit. The sailing section is now complete and I have moved onto a coastal map of Purbeck, this links back to my former career as a geography teacher. Exactly what creatures I shall add to the map hasn’t been decided yet but some way of indicating which Watersports are found if different locations would seem a good idea.

Beach pebbles detail
Start of the map using information from nautical chart

Tuesday – PAW day 3/14.

Some encouraging sales today inc. cards, a hat and a medium wooden box. The day threatened to rain but once the shop was open it never materialised.

Some good chats with visitors and tomorrow I am back on a commission.

Overalls art progresses.

Walked home along the seafront but plans for a longer walk went after tiredness set in once home. Just being sure to pace myself daily at present.