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Gosh a week without reflection …


Busy, busy and avoiding the spring term germs. Well now one week to #TMEssex and my first teach meet presentation – a mishmash of ways I use ICT. What to include? I now have an option to include my 15 year olds new stop animation food feature made this afternoon. Recent uses in class inc. Quakes and EarthBuzz on the iPad, which provokes discussion of it’s own. The Environment Agency website to look at real flood management issues with up-to-date feeds and the Flood map to link to pupils own area. Google Maps to look at terrain layers for physical flooding factors in a Boscastle, 2004 and Mindanao, Philippines, 2011 flood comparison. Oh then there’s; Twitter (@aknill), Facebook, internal school e-mail, my two posterous blogs – this and photos, the Fronter MLE work in school, the departmental YouTube channel, the staff training YouTube channel, recent BETT visit and follow up ….
So, on reflection, a range of topics to choose from and some reasons for not always being on here ….. and of course, teaching, family, gym, photo trips and sleep!

31 January


Roadworks in the morning and could Bobcat avoid the queue? Yes, he could!



A great message and a fine place to sit and ponder.

29 January


Seaside images.

28 January


Saturday morning on the beach.

27 January


Inspiration to start the day.

26 January


Pic from son’s Urbex collection – love the perspective.

25 January


Other side of yesterday’s pic – how a sky can differ.

24 January


Clouds from glass corridor

Think tanks

New school initiative so went to specialist status one as interested how we can use media more successfully across all subjects.