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Back to exercise

Yesterday, Wednesday 29 July I went to a running shop in Chelmsford and with the help of a very knowledgeable man called David tried on, jogged on a treadmill and had my gait commented on to select two new pairs of running trainers – a road pair and a trail pair. Now with proper protection for my lower limbs I can start the plan to run again.

I have run on and off since the age of 14 and been reasonably successful in my time with PBs (Personal Bests), though not a great race winner. It has been the sport that I always return to after breaks. This break has been much longer and I left my running club after 19 years about four years ago. Exercise has always been a great way to destress and recently it hasn’t been there so it is way overdue to be back as part of my life – adrenaline, endorphins and good old fashioned sweat from pushing myself. I had a reputation at the running club that I would always come back too quickly so setting myself monthly targets for distance run without stopping and a race target (I will be aiming to finish, not compete with others) on 1 November over 10 km. 

So, today I went for a walk in a local nature reserve with Anne, we walked further as we followed an art trail of 47 hares produced by Thurrock yr 5 pupils. We walked with 47 stops for about 90 minutes, but v gently as we had to watch the ground carefully so that we did not turn our ankles. After some other errands we returned home, I changed and having identified some local loops and out and back routes using ArcGIS app yesterday I set off to see if 5k-ish was achievable straight off.

Well, my feet were comfortable, my style good, my body heavy and I. Felt like a bit of a slug to be honest. It is a gradual incline on the out leg. I wanted to stop on several occasions but kept going to the turn around. On the way back lethargy kicked in and I stopped – well I did keep walking a few attempts but on last road that hpgoes round area I managed to jog again. Last hill I walked. About 3km jogging and 2 km walking I reckon. Overall it had taken me about 35 mins (click in house before and after). That was faster than I expected, but the targets became clearer.

Target 1 – tell a range of friends online I am returning to running – support / heckle as required

Target 2  – enter said race: Billericay Striders 10km so commitment to target made.

Monthly targets

August – be able to run upto 5km without stopping

September – be able to run up to 8km without stopping

October – be able to run up to 10km without stopping

November 1 – complete race – I admit I would like to hit 60 minutes or just under.

Review and set new target(s)

So there we are, instead of boring @staffrm with my running as it is part of my #teacher5aday commitment to exercise more, I will blog here, not every run probably but an ongoing measure. After all you don’t have to read my posts, but if you do and you comment thankyou.

…being on holiday

Yes, we broke up on Friday. For the second day I shared a few drinks with colleagues, some soon to be ex- and some new-, I even had one alcoholic beverage. Then it was home to choose clothes, pack and try to sleep before a Saturday journey off on holiday. Well, in the pattern of the last week, sleep was very patchy but better than Anne’s (Mrs Mishmash).

We have a family habit of setting off early and making the most of our first day away exploring on route. Well, we still left at 06.30. First stop – Oxford services at Jncn. 8a of the M40, a new stop. The fountains outside created a nice rainbow if viewed at the correct angle. Breakfast and comfort stop. My turn to drive – the A40, my old route to College/Uni, back in the 18.. Oops 1980s. Anne gave up on shut eye as I gave my tour guide of memories as we made our way into the Cotswolds and circumnavigated Cheltenham. At Glouxester the eastern viaduct is shut and diversions took us past all of Gloucester’s retail areas – not a great route. Onward for our next stop at Yat Rock, above Symonds Yat. I last came here on a QED course outing with PGLin July 1987. I ran up the Rock twice while looking for D of E walkers who had taken an “alternative route” in June 1989. So nostalgia but agreat view to share and a chat with the RSPB rep.

Onwards to Wales and Croeso y Cymru. Did river swops as we swept north between the Black Mountains and Brecon Beacons. Pen y Fan clearly visible. We swopped drivers again and I headed north into Ceiridigion. We stopped for refreshments in Abaereron. Then onto our holiday accomodation on the edge of New Quay.

Unpack, rest and then we need food leads us in by car to park looking over the sea and chip supper.

Sunday, saw Anne and I explore the town in the morning and then a family trip later to explore more. A lazier pace needed.

Monday, today we kayaked together this morning. This afternoon was Aberaeron ( someone tell me the spelling). I got to take more pics and this afternon I got to sketch too. This is what I needed – a chance to slow down, I wish the same for other teacher friends over the next month plus.

Oxford Services

 Yat Rock

Walking into New Quay, looking out over Cardigan Bay

Ooooooh this looks good – only the next dat that the whole family (3) go out on the water

Walking back across the bay at low tide

The family paddle around and across the bay – no dolphins but a jellyfish sighted

Afternoon visit to Aberaeron included honey ice cream (recommended by friends), more refreshments and some own time – I sat and practised my sketching and very pleased with result – early dinner

…just what I needed, a chance to slow down, what about you and yours??

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See review after two terms

One week to go and in a great place

Nearing the end of the school year, previous posts have shown my mood has undulated but now I am back in a positive place and actually don’t really want my first year in post to finish in someways.  What has brought me back to the mood I should be in;

– open discussion with SLT in curriculum decisions in school

– judging over 50 entries in our inaugural John Muir Award competitions for Art, Photography  and Originality

– sending off for completion certificates for pupils who have done an extra 8 to 10 hours of work this term outside lessons. Also the awards for the three core staff involved.

– presenting at PedagooLondon last Saturday and meeting friends new and old

– attending a local Global Learning Project hub meeting to look more carefully at how we educate about global issues in my current school

– signing up to a pan European project through an Italian contact I first made three years ago on Twitter

– taking pupils out and discussing how they want to lead on improving our school pond area and linked discussion with one of our science technicians along the same lines

– positive feedback from ex year 11s on how my teaching was for them this year

– positive feedback from other year groups that I am not moving on to a new post

– three approaches from LinkedIn to see if I am interested in posts and glad to be in a place where I don’t need to take them up on it.

– the school prom…and a night of dancing … Great time and many happy memories.
All good reasons – how is your end of term going?