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My other posts this year

My staffrm profile  Has 67 stories against it this year. I admit at times that I have chosen staffrm to join the thread of discussions or for more people to possibly read certain posts. It is an interesting community getting more teachers to share ideas – it has linked in with Twitter and teaching events too.

Have you joined it? Looked at it! It’s another alternative to getting ideas from teachers and I have started to see a growing number of international members too. Just thought I should include a link / category so any readers on here might access my other posts.

#nurture1415 #teacher5adayread

Reading – one of my targets this year has not done well since an original spurt in January. I have read a few tech and cycling magazines, lots of leaflets about aspects of geography. However, fiction has own through in this third week of the holidays. While away in Wales I was reading a few things I actually finished one book, a Starsky and Hutch volume taking me back to TV watching of my younger days. Then OKH bought a book on an offer from a High Street store / supermarket- I started the first book by Linwood Barclay on Saturday evening. Various things were going on in my head so didn’t sleep virtually at all but read and finished tht one before lunch on Sunday; we went for a walk at a favourite nature reserve last week and bought two more books from their secondhand book stall. Sunday to Monday, and second was read. Monday to today and third is completed.

I am now 4/6 books through my #teacher5adayread challenge and have some other books in the house that I shall move onto – yes I have spent more time sat reading and to be honest it has been great to get this hooked I to books again.

Crime based thrillers – reviewed as page turners – I have to agree, next is getting other four books he has written.

Exercise continues …

Run 2, Tue 4 August – being sensible went for shorter 3k route, timing wasn’t as good as eaten two to three hours before and this me at had to slow down as jolting was not agreeing. But more confident run than first.

Cycled – Mon. 3 August – suggestion I get out and exercise as bit low, so did local route around reservoir… About 16 miles – should have changed sooner after return as damp kit on back meant achey.Tue am.

“Race” well 10k event now entered properly so work towards 1 November – friends on Twitter were lending ideas of plans they have used, may look at but not been a plan follower previously.

…onwards …