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Life is a changing

Since I arrived to live and work in Purbeck, Dorset at the end of August 2016 my life has changed several times.

September to November 2016

School teacher continuing into my 29th year as a teacher.

November 2016 to January 2017

Nervous breakdown (two in fact) and looking for a new direction.

January 31 2017 to present

Start to use the term artist for myself and producing work and selling it to others

March 2017 to September 2019

Seasonal job for Wareham Boat Hire, using my knowledge of kayaking and rowing especially. Working 6 months of the year outdoors and often standing in the river Frome.

September 2016 to October 2019

Joined and rowed with Swanage Sea Rowing Club and got to see the Jurassic coast from the water.

November 2016 to present

Attended Swanage Depression Support Group and then Wareham Depression Support Group and now act as fill in facilitator for Wareham.

July 2019 to present

Got involved in retraining at my own kayaking skills and developing a new love for sea kayaking which is now going to replace gig rowing for my water sports time.

The change from Geography teacher to artist has been the biggest change. I have now taken part as an Open Studio in Purbeck Art Weeks (PAW) for three consecutive years. I now have my work in the Purbeck Artisan Yard in Wareham where I joined the co-operative in March 2018. I currently have a solo exhibition in the cafe at RSPB Arne due to the link with PAW. I have work with a friend’s business in Lytchett Minster. I am about to take part in my third Artisans on the Beach in Swanage, the last two of which have been as a member of the organising working party. This weekend on November 2nd I took the keys of a shop in Swanage in partnership with one of my fellow Artisan Yard artists. So now a part time shopkeeper.

This new role means that the boat job will go as I am only willing to work part time so that Anne and I can enjoy the remainder of the week doing activities together.

So let’s see where the new adventure leads . . .

2018 review and going into 2019 (Nurture 2018/19)

My New Year’s blogpost I have now done for several years but in a different format as no longer in education but balancing my life is always a priority.


AndyKnillArt celebrates its second anniversary on 31 January 2019. Initially my aim was to see if I could sell some of my art. Those who have followed this new path for me will have seen that I have achieved this aim consistently. My art year includes:


: ending the previous year’s Artisan on the Beach in the Shore Road Huts on Swanage. In 2017/18 I was awarded the title of Artisan of the Year for my enthusiasm, dedication and general “artyness”. Tomorrow, we complete my second Artisan of the year event and this year I have been one of two artisans serving on the working party and I took on the named role of event organiser. My role has been social media marketing and care of our artisan team during the event. A role I have generally enjoyed.

: drawing the next two designs for the “Santa over Purbeck” Christmas card series. In the 13 months of sales of this series it now approaches 400 card sales, a great success with many ideas to take the idea further.

: starting work toward Purbeck Art Weeks for the year.

: for 2019, continued participation as an artisan and member of the collective at the Purbeck Artisan Yard, Church Street, Wareham where I have been full time since March 2018.

February, March and April

: continued time for art work development

: Purbeck Artisan Yard

May and June

: participation in PAW (Purbeck Art Weeks) as an Open Studio when I welcome visitors to our outbuilding and my exhibition and possible sales of my work and art catalogue to date for 16 consecutive days.

: Purbeck Artisan Yard

July, August

: continued time for art work development, this may include PAW sketching events

: Purbeck Artisan Yard

September to November

: helping to organise Artisans on the Beach if I keep my working party place.

: continued time for art work development

: Purbeck Artisan Yard


: Artisans on the Beach participation

: Purbeck Artisan Yard

In the last month I have celebrated my gross sales income exceeding £5k and enjoyed my first month where my art income exceeded £1k.

Clearly a positive direction to take and I really enjoy my art for the help it gives me with relaxing too.

Wareham Boat Hire with Matt and Julie Jones. In 2018 I completed my second season, a wet April but then from May to September the weather meant record numbers of customers throughout the season. I worked three days a week in 2018, however my duty commitments at the artisan yard means that I will go back to two days per week in 2019.

I continue to love the outdoor nature of the work, standing in the river, talking with passers by and customers and guiding on safe use of our fleet of craft. I have learnt many skills and I look forward to my third season in 2019.

Both of these offer much free time which has been spent with family, especially Anne and is a priority going forward as we continue to explore Dorset.

In 2019 I also intend to start my life as a retired teacher by taking up my teacher pension at 55.


2018 started with Dad’s funeral and his ashes being interred with Mum’s. Family came from New Zealand and Canada and from the UK. An end of an era which at the end of the year sees No. 4 (family base since April 1975) sold (subject to …) and sharing of family heirlooms, nostalgic items. A new era starts for us all as a family.

Contact with Jonathan our eldest continues to be patchy. This year he announced his marriage to Sarah. We have visited and remained in contact as has Kate my sister. His journey going forward needs to be driven by him.

Here in Dorset the tri-generation household has its peaks and troughs but has settled more.


Sea Rowing

Difficult to commit when doing art events, summer boat job etc so I continue to train with the men’s squad when I can. My only regatta participation in 2018 was our Swanage Supervets in October which enjoyed superb weather for the second year. I bought a Concept2 ergo from a fellow club member, but it is still underused somewhere between the worry of over exercising and never actually starting.

In 2019 a more balanced approach I hope.


I cycled around Poole Harbour in February with Dave Furmage and achieved 34 miles with no long term after effects except no repeats. I also cycled the Ulwell to Corfe Castle ridge after a steady push up to the ridge itself. I cycled a handful of times to work in Wareham.

So in 2019 I need to cycle more and drive less.


Limited use again but some trips on the Frome pre work in my Triumph 13 SOT (Sit on Top). I also paddled more in Swanage Bay including some trips with Anne too. This is an area we want to repeat more in 2019. Anne has taken swimming lessons alongside this ambition.


We have done some local walks but all fairly short. I want to get out on longer exploratory walks like one I did to Kimmeridge and back via the coast path this summer and combine walking, drawing and photography. I do need to swim much more too.


This continues with my art skills and my work developing as noted by several friends arty and not. My business skills have developed and I have found some of my teacher admin. skills useful at the artisan yard and for Artisans on the Beach.

A clear target for 2019 is to explore online retailing of my work more thoroughly. I also want to develop my boating skills and qualifications too subject to time commitments.


Being in business has meant reestablishing an online profile both blogging, sharing my art, using Instagram as well as Facebook and Twitter. This has also led to reconnecting with friends of old and has led to several friends visiting including teaching colleagues from my first post over 30 years ago.


Staying uninjured physically is a key ongoing aim now to allow more time outdoors and also during the boat season. Mentally there are still ups and downs but on the positive side I have ended 2018 on a reduced doseage of my antidepressants and less need to attend support group meetings.

Going forwards

The key priority is to spend lots of time with Anne especially, forge more friendships locally and get out in the great Purbeck air and enjoy our new home to the full.

Thanks to anyone who actually reads this. Feedback welcomed as long as constructive.

GOB update 21.01.17

Well, I have now been keeping my GOB journal / diary for 3 weeks and every day contains at least one positive, most days include a range of activities or outcomes that can be seen as positive. I have taken my journal to two support group meetings on the 4th and 18th. I have recorded some of the negatives as context or where fight / flight impulses have been felt.

Actions including drastically reducing my time on social media are working gradually. I have returned to reading my library book and hope to finish a few before the extended return date is reached. I am pacing myself when it comes to rowing sessions as my fitness has increased but needs to go much further. My physical therapy is noticeably helping and this week I have breathing exercises to work on which is an area I have been very aware of needing to address. 

Seeing the few online contacts I have discussing events like BETT (UK educational IT show) which I have no interest in anymore and a local vacancy for a field tutor role which previously I might have jumped at. I have seen some seasonal vacancies start to be advertised and have made enquiries and have applications to complete.

Overall my mood is better than it was 12 days ago (not so long ago!!), but I am still having large dips in mood on occasions. I am doing my best to be mindful that these are in the minority.

Apologies to friends for whom I disappeared from social media without notice it was due to a realisation that it was taking up too much of my time and was not helping my state of mind. I admit that I am not missing Twitter, several people on it, but not the whole experience. 

So this is an update and I will post these occasionally as I continue with my journal. There have been some aspects of personal clarity that I am not going to share but I am working on these to help myself going forwards.

GOB 07 Jan.

So it’s the weekend, must be some sea rowing in there subject to weather conditions. Writing this in afternoon, later have family arriving for a visit, so will include that in GOB 08. So a week that was mega positive for four days then unravelled a bit. Supportive friends on fb reminded me, and thank you that I am not recovered from mental health issues before Christmas either. So physio exercises done early morning when I first awoke and tai chi moves to loosen up some fairly tight arms and legs.

+ I slept overnight, about 5.5 hours in one hit – much better than previous night

+ got up when I woke around 6 a.m. and did range of exercises to loosen up including tai chi warm up exercises learnt pre-boys!

+ did full set of physio exercises 

+ after a while needed a bit more sleep and took opportunity, still awake in time for 10 a.m. Row but a little close to the mark.

+ SSRC (Swanage Sea Rowing Club) – boat prep for second boat, then 10 o’clock row on bow side at 5. Lean forward was good but work on leaning back as feet coming off deck and not enough clearance on recovery meant I caught a few crabs. Snapped one pin, then caught oar several times. Body tensed up was noticeable as trying to follow Barney’s instructions.

+remembered to message home mid two rows – remembering communication

+ sun came out during row

+ 11 o’clock boat was short so agreed to stay in boat, but swapped to stroke side on 4 – issues adapting to that, again tension got to me working on lean back, looking at ladies technique re. Nobody position which matches to work with Gina C. on body movement without tensing up, the tensing was clear to Mandy and others sat behind me. Felt good at having done two rows but in morning rush had forgotten drink so bought newspaper for home and drinks afterwards.

+ home – showered, lunched and then rested.

I have seen the last few days, as several of you have picked up, that I am too easily self critical and tense up very quickly. The ambition to be in a team boat is there but my rowing feels that it needs to be much more relaxed before I put myself into the position of a race. I think that with many friends returning to school, I haven’t felt a loss as such for not being there but awareness that I am not at / in work yet. It is clearly too soon and I have no clarity about what comes next and I suppose self imposed strain. That realisation is disappointing to me but this has been such a big upheaval, maybe I could be a tad kinder to myself too.

Nurture 16/17#5aday

Well for several years I have set ideas to blog then reflected at the end of the year. A lot was around the whole idea of striving for work life balance. Then along came #Teacher5aday on the principles of #connect, #exercise,#learn, #volunteer,#notice. I joined in as it made a lot of sense. This New Years Eve is different as I have withdrawn from the teaching workforce.

So some reflections on 2016. I apologise for once, not going back to 15/16 post.


Returned after mental health break as Head of Department. Poor communication and different agenda going forward meant I was not wanted so looked about for new post.

Secured new post for September but dropped responsibilities of management and large chunk of wages. All seemed to be my sort of philosophy. Started well,soon communication again an issue and linked to other concerns. So another big mental health slide that I covered up a lot of the time. Culminating in many weeks where I contemplated ending it all and release others of the burden and hard work that is me when low.

It came to a head when offered support, that didn’t materialise, until revisited as an idea three weeks later. To add insult to injury this support would be “fun” I was told. I left early that day after for the first time being seen by pupils completely broken down. I didn’t go home but drove for several hours. Luckily through social media and phone contact I came home v late. Within hours I had resigned, admitted teaching and I were over as a partnership.

Thank you is extended to the many supportive contacts from ex colleagues,ex-pupils and friends/family who made me see that in 28 years I had made a lot of difference for a lot of others. I accept that is true and although signed off from then on it is the pupils and several colleagues I miss.

So work – not a success.


A bit better at keeping in touch  this year. Ups and downs but I like to think more consistent.

Losing Mum this month was hard but her funeral was a great celebration of her life.

Unfortunately linked to it came a falling out with eldest son – will things recover?I don’t know.

A new home in Dorset,changed living arrangements, stress of house  sale and purchase falling through left renting a beautiful place at least for a little while.

Notice / learn

This is always ongoing through photos taken, drawings made,walks in countryside or on beaches seeing new things. I enjoy my surroundings and this has continued to be positive.


More since move including mainly walking,cycling,some kayaking and new hobby sea rowing and oh.. digging. So this is in a better place and the move has helped.


Social media use,new place, rowing.. Met many more people.


I am back helping coach junior rowing again and I love it.Maybe more volunteering for an Individual Needs Club in 2017.

So a busy year. A year with many lows. I am still here thanks to the persuasive powers of others. Tomorrow is a new day. I think a day at a time is plenty for me to focus on.

Thanks if you read this.

Making a difference

A difference to me, to the property where I live, to my state of mind.

Over the last few weeks since my visit to the GP on 14th November I have tried a number of diversions to distract my mind, work my body to just be. Some days these aims have not worked. Successful activities so far include retail therapy, local walks, errands, visits to local sites eg Corfe Castle, exercise, eg cycling or sea rowing training.

Since  we moved into our home in Dorset I have wanted to start investigating and developing the grounds. So far this was mainly limited to leaves – leaves on the grass, leaves in drainpipes and drain holes. 

Then I looked more carefully about the out- building behind our garage. There was a lot of overgrown parts that just called to me to explore so im the last week or so I have started to do that. I have raked, pulled out plants, added to our growing garden pile (? Compost heap to be). 

Discoveries have been more extensive stonework than previously thought. Then I spotted some stones in the ground and I have removed matted overgrowth to start to reveal what lies beneath. 

This will be a long project but I am sure we will leave a positive mark on this property. I will continue to identify new species of garden birds as we put food out for them. I will learn tree species, plant species and animals. I hope to grow some vegetables but this will also be a new adventure. 

The photos below show some examples of recent before and currently shots.

This is a more positive thread to working on my mental health.


This is not a post about astronomy. It is about the people in my life who are my stars. I have been struggling for the last four weeks and to be honest up to 8 weeks prior to that. My anxiety and depression have led to me resigning and then being signed off from the end of a career that first started in November 1986 when I did a supply post at Pangbourne College near Reading, Berkshire.

I have been offered support by many different people online, in person, on the phone and face to face. Enough about me talking about mental health. The important aspect about mental health being more openly discussed is what you can do if a relative, friend or colleague is suffering. I have often been asked how can I help others. There is no easy answer as even I who blogs openly about his issues didn’t tell people how low he was in the lead up to me resigning knowing I would be judged and so I frantically paddled away like a slightly ruffled duck on the surface of the water while generating a maelstrom underneath the surface. I kept a diary when I first moved to Dorset, rereading it for the second time today without any adverse reaction I recognised so many indicators of where I could have been more open.

So who are my stars?

I am not going to name individuals because a) some will want to remain anonymous b) I might then forget to name some and they would be insulted unintentionally.

I blog and my blog feeds to my main Twitter account and my Facebook account (also LinkedIn). This is so more might read my posts. In the last four weeks I have had support from

1) family from different generations

2) Twitter friends and colleagues, most within education but not all

3) ex pupils and ex colleagues who are more on Facebook

4) people who have seen a post and it strikes a chord with them

5) people in my new area who I have already made a link with through art and / or sea rowing

They offer memories from our time together, they justify what I have contributed for them or witnessed by them. Some have similar experiences of anxiety and /or depression or similar conditions. They remind me of support I may have offered them previously, sometimes many, many years ago. 

The key aspect for me is that they don’t have to do this. There is no financial incentive, house points or pats on the head. They share and support because they want to. They are the reason I have always come back from episodes previously. This time will be the same I will come back a stronger more positive person, I will have down times too, it’s the nature of my condition.

This is just a chance to say thank you. You know who you are and if unsure but wonder, private message me, ask me and I will say yes you are one of my stars. Thank you so much.

Who am I? What am I? Why am I?

Well the cheap Charging cable for the iPad gave up working. I now have a new registered product and hence a recharged device. So a post.

The title states my state of mind really at present.

What’s been happening? Lots. Not a lot I can remember some bits but not others.

I may repeat things said previously.

On the positive side;

– I get up each day willingly

– I usually get outside for some of the day

– I have attended three meetings with local depression support group

– I have spoken to a professional about careers in outdoor pursuits/ field study education

– I travelled to see Mum in Kent when she was ill

– I collected my sister from the airport so that she did not have to travel alone to Kent after flights from New Zealand

– I sketch / take photographs most days

There have been more, especially linked to being honest with GP, Headteacher, family, friends about how I am doing.


A) who am I?

I am finding it hard to identify myself from Mr Knill / Sir who I have been from 1988 to 2016. That status exists in the minds and hearts of many I have taught and I thank them for their comments and encouragement especially on Facebook. I put so much of myself into my role as an educator who cared. Coming out the other side is hard especially as it wasn’t planned and I have no clarity going forwards.

B) what am I? 

I am a former teacher to be; I am a dad; a husband; a son in law; a sibling; a child; an incomer… This is intrinsically linked with the above. Am I needed? Has been the type of question I have posted online? Am I just a burden? As a friend I would tell others no you are not, as I try to support them, reverse that and I find it harder to accept support but it is nice to read.

C) why am I?

Yes I have had a miserable time since moving to Dorset, I have also had some fantastic times. I have gone from the deepest of lows to actually feeling positive about myself occasionally. I have considered life itself and if I am worthy, I have self harmed and clawed at my own wrists with fingernails, a new first and something I am resisting doing again. I have lost my mother (rip) 6 days after I last saw her. I believe I have a potential future but I have no clue what it maybe, I now have some ideas of what it can’t be as I have already considered some alternative futures only to find that they won’t offer me the balance of life I desperately need. 

What I hope are universal conclusions:

– I have a chance to build a new future in Dorset

– I live in an area I love for its outdoor space and potential activities, especially getting out in the fresh air

– I have Anne’s support

– I deserve to live

– I suffer from depression and anxiety and my admission and openness helps other people in some way as well as not letting me hide away

– I have many friends made through a number of routes who believe the above

– I should take my life one step at a time

– life for me is going to include trip ups, challenges, obstacles that I can overcome

So overall, who I am, what I am and why I am are there in my head but it is a head that has time and opportunity to explore them and find out some answers. For me at this point that is a huge step in the right direction.

Gosh four days without an update, how remiss of me

Well a change of attitude at the weekend saw me take more control of my situation. I would keep busy, do more things, useful ones. Stop being lazy and be helpful around the house.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday all positive days, some low points in conversations at home in the late evenings. Gardening – leaf collecting, drain clearing, drainpipe cleaning. Starting to rediscover outbuildings features with extreme gardening or just excuse by me – yesterday was in garden in shorts and sports sandals (top modestly covered). Shopping  – tumble dryer, cd/radios, did bits and bobs, sideboard, dining room chairs. Exploring centre of Poole without getting lost (in geography speak: exploring). Yesterday afternoon I attempted to kayak at Studland beach – not much distance but wet, cold and invigorated. Been to coach junior rowers on Monday. Actually completed majority of open rowing training on Tuesday. Walks around Studland bay – so a lot more positive.

This morning started well despite being awake from 5am, read book, did ironing, retail, went to direct a delivery Lorry which  drove up the footpath trail rather than main drive and passed me on its way out. Started to consider options for working outside and put some “feelers” out. Enquired about and booked self on open day about Outdoor Pursuits instructor course on next Autumn. But in trying a third place at 4pm to get mother in law a late paper, drove past “the” school, realised it was yr 7 parents evening where I “should” have been teaching and talking to parents. Lost plot, ranted openly on FB, lots of support messages from friends and also returned favour for some as well. Lost several hours but recovered for family to viewing of recorded show, although aspergers review of series one and catching up voiceover from armchair made it a burying at times. 

Now blogging and several jobs identified for tomorrow to stay busy.

Thanks for reading. Some canvas prints from pictures taken down here on my expensive camera (mobile phone actually).

A few jobs before Storm Angus

Well we re-potted the tree Fern yesterday into a new and much larger pot. Would it be more stabile? Well storm Angus says yes, because still standing this morning,windswept, fronds flying up, but no other damage. So a morning in the garden, clearing more leaves, can’t be that many to go as most are now off the trees. Re-potting and moving tubs about. Bit of dry wall sketching- chose too big an area as hands frozen, so focus on small section. 

Wet and windy afternoon meant a planned walk to Peveril Point was shelved. reading, listening to music and some tv in the evening. As the night drew in the noise from outside increased. Weather site checks suggested gusting to a peak about  1 am.

We had quite a lot of water down the chimney, so mopping up and gathered in garden chairs that had blown off front step. 

Slept eventually. This morning no real damage around us, went for a walk along footpath and drive to check if any branches  down.

News from Swanage on various channels is not good – damaged sea wall by wave damage and flooding near Town museum. So an area to stay away from – fire brigade appeal as possible structural damage. Posted. Query on row club if any damage at front of boathouse .