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Moving on …

2014 and the cycle of moving on returns. I have moved posts in 1992, 1996, 2006 and now 2014. The transition of moving to a new school, although containing trepidation is at least a path I have trod before. I find myself disengaging from one post as my mind starts to plan at least in outline for my next post. So, I am immune to everything in my current school – no such thing. Emotions run higher even as I prepare to go as these are pupils, colleagues and families I have known for up to 8 years.

I am glad that I have never left a post where my pupils are immune to me leaving and have always expressed (some) dismay that I am moving on, why not another year or …. . This is the first time however, where they are asking when are you coming back? I was thrown the first time and was completely lost for words.

How will the next week go? To be honest I don’t know. The physical packing of items that belong to me is almost complete and by Friday will have left the premises in my car to go home (temporarily dear!). The digital items I have been backing up so my files can be removed from the school network leaving a sizeable hole for other staff. The farewells after each final lesson, as each passing dear is the last Monday, Duty Day …until the final day. It’s going to be a blow on Friday- it always is going home after the last day of term as the school family separate.

I have had to repeat the Twitter message – you can follow me after your 18th but not until then…e safety to the last. Reflections keep passing through my head, so many memories over 8 years.

Onwards …. To the next chapter years 27 to …. Who knows.

Teachmeet presentation by proxy

TMStratford video presentation

Offered a chance to attend a Teachmeet but it’s too far away…is there a solution. These days a variety of options come to mind. You can: follow the #hashtag during the event to comment on or follow the stream of messages. Some events are live streamed so you can watch the presentations as they happen subject to technology and weblinks. Others may video the presentations so you can watch them later.

Asked to or want to present? Make a presentation and send it, or a weblink to it, to the organisers if this is acceptable to them. Video presentations can be made in many forms using a variety of software or apps. I have used iMovies to capture images / screenshots and added a VoiceOver. For TMStratford (upon – Avon) this week I used Haiku Deck for my Slideshow for the first time. I then added a VoiceOver using Knovio iApp which is free, however once the 5 presentations used up there is an in- App purchase to make more presentations – but I admit I like the product.

If the link works correctly let me know what you think… This links to my two Twitter network interests:
– apps and web applications for @gasigict
– solotaxonomy advocacy and sharing ideas @globalsolo