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31 December = 365 days


Last #365 picture for 2011 and it ends with a sunny day at the coast in Broadstairs, Kent.

YouTube channels

Is the volcanoes video in your classroom / drawer ..? came the call of old. Now web based services mean the choice is vast – far too vast to be honest. So how can the endless hours of YouTube meandering be reduced? Run a channel!

Set up a channel for the department in Summer 2011. Got pals on twitter to road test and give feedback (collaboration again). Playlists link to units studied so staff can recommend and then have a core set of resources to show classes. Watch a lesson’s film again – use the channel. Links have been made and examples embedded in school’s Fronter MLE rooms.

Today a discussion and sharing of ideas between #geographyteacher tweeters especially as some schools are still blocking YouTube. So let’s hope that YouTube for schools opens the possibilities for others.

2012 – add more videos, choose channels to subscribe to for extension and enlist sons help in identifying and developing channels further.

Add to and develop new idea a staff CPD channel to promote use of online video courses.

Gg. – BowerParkGeography

CPD – bpictac

Feedback always welcomed.

30 December


A geographer goes for a walk and takes a picture of a … Let’s hope he doesn’t get lost.

Splash Top

Found these apps in blogs from the US and a way to use the iPad around the classroom and solve my IWB which projects but can not interact. Any UK users? Need to purchase Whiteboard app, install streamer on school laptop and make sure can get connection for Wi-fi in my teaching room.
This could be my long awaited solution to the IWB:
a) being operational again at a much cheaper price point;
b) showing initiative and the value of online research / collaboration
c) bringing apps and other software into my teaching while free to be anywhere in the classroom

I will report back on this experiment in January 2012 and keep a record of issues and successes.

What do you think ?

Personal tech

How do we take our own experience into the classroom? Just before Christmas a lesson with Year 7 based around Shift Happens from YouTube. I use an account of educational tech changes from when I was 12 ( 1976 )to 2011. Gasps of shock … and a comparison of memory from first PCs to iPhone. A lead that will go into a unit on Industry where I will bring in up to date resources from around the globe. Extend use of school’s Fronter MLE with all classes now my projector is fixed and back in working order. Hopefully integrating use of iPhone and iPad as teaching tools.

Blended learning

So if I use technology in my teaching it’s blended learning – oh well on reflection I started doing this in September 1987 on primary attachment before my PGCE.
So let’s be clear it’s not a new idea but of course I now present using IT. Based technology rather than the elaborate coloured diagrams prepared on the board before the day and lost at the swipe of the board duster.

A blog?

I have 2 days to complete my 365 photo blog for 2011. Pictures are up to date. So now a new venture. I have become an avid tweeter and now it’s time to keep a clearer record of my musings. If this is a blog then that is what it is. Please comment / collaborate / disagree but in the spirit of development let’s chat.

29 December


IPad and reflection on blended approach with great video about blended learning from @EdElements via app.

28 December


Trees in the late afternoon after gym visit.

27 December


Boats and family trip out to test and watch other peoples boats and apparently I can’t have one of these.