Monthly Archives: February 2012

25 February


Awake early and online exploring – I love to learn !!

24 February


Gym session planned then tiredness kicked in then iPad enthusiasm and overdue presentation to share geography apps put together and iWork explored.

23 February


Head home earlier for some down time and a bit of iPad browsing and Puppetpals download to trial on Friday. Photo of a ruler to demonstrate measurement.

22 February


Wednesday already and options evening to round off the day. Wandering with the iPad making sure our digital presence was mentioned.

21 February


Apple session attended after school and e-books beckon.

20 February


Back after half term, what will spring 2 hold?

19 February


Sun shining through the trees at Thorndon Park North, Brentwood – but oh so cold too.

18 February


Go to an art gallery and take a picture of the building itself!

17 February


Culture at Turner Contemporary, Margate, Kent.


Now been to 3 and spoken at 2. This is a new habit I’d like to keep up where possible although distance travelled yesterday led to tiredness today.

So what did I get from the experience ? Meet others open to creativity, risk taking and have ideas I might never even have considered. Plus more networking opportunities – a day after a conventional course how much follow up chat is involved? Chatted online with at least 6 others on technical aspects, follow up to discussions or the next idea …
This is what teaching should include – sharing, chatting, showing, learning and that’s just for the teachers. If we can’t communicate across school boundaries how can we encourage that in our pupils?