Monthly Archives: March 2011

31 March


It’s handy having children with a sense of humour- this always causes a smile!

30 March


This morning as I was earlier than usual I took a new country lane and guessed where it might come out. I was wrong but using brain, local knowledge and an alleged sense of direction found my way back. I found the lower end of this lane and can confirm that Shonks Mill does exist.

29 March


I’ve been meaning to take a pic of these power lines for a while – something about how they intersect the countryside

28 March


It must be Monday, as I find myself outside the dojo waiting for the karate kid and what a change-light not dark.

27 March


Warm enough before lunch to do marking out in the garden.

26 March


Saturday – Southend and seagulls trying on a ground facing into the wind.

25 March


Preparing for assessment and mind map style model to demonstrate links- reduced to photo while IWB out of action.

24 march


While I wait for a meeting which has a flexible start time! The inner quad of south block.

23 March


Helped out at numeracy workshop I/ c activote pads. Then back to cool and quiet classroom.

22 March


Transport technology or just a step up in life? Just yards from the M25.