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Raspberry Jam and Teachmeet East – Cambridge

On Saturday I attended and was lucky enough to speak at this event. I’ll be posting about it this week with images, links to my mishmash presentation and new paths already developing.
A most inspiring event.

Dear readers I have sinned …

Yes, I have sinned! I have neglected my blog in the pursuit of multiple interests and now some catching up. So why so busy? Well as those who teach will know the summer holiday approaches in inverse proportion to the amount of activities attempted not helped by the current summer’s climatic conditions (it’s rained a lot).

Over the last five weeks I have been privileged to be allowed time at a number of Havering SIS (@haveringict) meetings for a mixture of reasons:

– Digital leaders; I have moved from promoting the idea of Digital Leaders in my own school to addressing two meetings of local primary ICT leaders and today I spoke to the corresponding secondary group as well.
I now have a co-ordinating role for the borough linking different phases together to share ideas, experiences and promote progression amongst our local pupils. The image below comes from my presentation on what forms the commitment will involve.


I have posted my first input in the Havering ICT blog and had an upto date photo taken – very surreal. I am contacted most days by Elm Park primary and their DL developments via Twitter (@EPPS_ICT). This initiative is great to be involved in.

My own DL team at Bower Park school have compiled two ICT use surveys in survey monkey which now have clearance to go live to staff and pupils so a direct comparison of perceptions about current use and future possibilities can be made. The resulting data will help to direct the work of our DLs from September.

– international links; see previous post – a chance to meet local primary colleagues again and identify opportunities to develop global links, including DLs. Elm Park primary again provided a magnificent example with a shared FaceTime session on iPad with Elm Park school in New Zealand during a Year 5 sleepover event.
My own links with the #geogsolo work showed how Twitter is a useful global tool allowing free CPD that shares new ideas on a scale previously unheard of.

– coding and programming; a new initiative between Havering and Redbridge with a link to Computing in Schools (CAS). This saw a meeting to start developing staff and pupil confidence in the use of coding in the manner identified by Mr Gove this year in the changing identity for ICT in our schools. It made me realise how lucky I had been to be exposed to this at University as I had at least some relevant experience. I look forward to this network drawing in teachers from other areas under the auspices of CAS and providing additional DL opportunities.

– Teachmeet East, 14/7/12; it seems a long time since I last spoke at a Teachmeet and this opportunity has allowed me to update my mishmash presentation including my wordle of current activities and the presentation is still incomplete!



– new technology in my classroom; the school has invested in replacement LCD projectors and Promethean Activboard 300s for those IWBs which were no longer operational but used by their teachers. The new board is being used actively immediately with the dual pen use feature allowing easier pupil recording of discussion outcomes, freeing me up to move around during subsequent tasks. The projectors provide a much clearer and brighter image which allows more natural light in the room as well. IPad use is glorious on the 95″ screen and new opportunities are opening up.

– Creative media week; this year the school specialist weeks linked to our specialist status and involving the whole school population in our production of The Tale of Two Cities. Activities divide into one day on: production ( making props, scenery), performance (drama aspects) and promotion ( advertising, programmes, ticket sales). Staff have offered a range of activities that run for between 2 and 3 lessons (1h 40m and 2h 30m).

I am delivering promotion work using the iPad apps of Puppet Pals HD and Sock Puppets to produce a promotional video – day one: some teenage reticence, some well planned pieces and developing skills in analysing examples of adverts for shows, using I- technology, developing storyboard planning, acting/ VoiceOver / narration, use of resources and photo editing, sound clips …oh and fun too.

– Mission Explore Food; finally, I think(?)! I belong to a group known as the Geocollective (@geocollective) who produce the Mission Explore books, website, and app. This was the launch of the latest book – flooding at the printers means paper copes will be launched in September, but e-versions are now available on Amazon and iBooks.

The launch was held at Hackney City Farm and a variety of activities linked to the book meant a fun packed afternoon was enjoyed by those attending.