Monthly Archives: October 2019

Germs a shifting, back to business

So I still have the germs in the system but a week of steroids meant I went from about 30% to 100% lung capacity available for breathing. I have the energy to be back doing…

InkTober 2019 has started and today I will be doing prompt 7 – my aim isn’t to spend lots of time on each piece but more to think of different responses to the day’s prompt word. This often sparks ideas to return to on a larger piece at other times.

Yesterday, I made my way out to RSPB Arne where I hung what is essentially my first solo exhibition. I am pleased with how it looks and it includes a range of pen and ink pieces with marker pieces. Some are originals and others are giclee prints, I have also included my photo print of Hungry Hare which is still my most popular print.

In having the exhibition which will be on until the start of December and will overlap with the Artisans on the Beach event I am looking for a wider range of people to see my work.If anyone actually wants to buy a piece (some pieces) that would be an added bonus.

On Saturday I took part in the Fun Palace event organised at Swanage Library and offered “Art for Fun” aimed at families and children. It was great to have parents and children drawing alongside each other and the 174 colours drew people in. I did a fun piece of Swanage Bay with many types of water activity in it and I gave this to one of the participants. A second piece of a crocodile, which was proving a favourite topic for the children was given to the library. Both,I suppose are technically AndyKnillArt originals but we’re just fun drawings for me. The good bit was saying that I would be offering the same activity at the beach huts in December and hoped to see them there.

Asthma and how it puts life on pause …

Well it’s the first week in October. Last week I went to Essex with Anne and we stayed in two lovely hotel suites on consecutive nights, luckily for me both had suitable sofa / chairs I could sit upright in. Why? Surely they came with a bed?? Yes but since Tuesday September 24th I have been unable to lie down to rest as my breathing runs into difficulties.

A week on:

successes – managed to visit our eldest son Jon in Essex

– attended family funeral on Anne’s family side

– Missed hanging first solo art exhibition

(delayed not  cancelled)

– two days of planned sketching with primary

school classes (delayed not cancelled)

– unable to collect mower yet after its most

recent service, not that I would be able to use
it as grass too wet, oh and own health

So, why the fuss, well tbh I would like to be getting on with commitments but staying indoors is what I have to do. I have endured six nights of extracts of sleep between 20 minutes and three hours to be awoken coughing and gasping to catch my breath. I have been to the doc, I have steroids to help ease the breathing and I am using my salbutamol inhaler when I need to.

Asthma has been in my system diagnosed since I was 11 and go at time said I could get out of cross country – I went on to run for school team and running club. I have done a range of sports but I recognise conditions that trigger my asthma which I work around. Currently I just have to “be” and recover, those who know me that just “be” ing does not come easy.

So, that was it, no big explanation of what asthma is – difficulty in getting enough oxygen into your system comfortably – try breathing through a fine straw, alternatively get your rib cage wound tightly in bandages and try breathing. Currently add razor blades liberally in your throat while doing above.

Just letting off steam, but also started InkTober 2019 drawings; doing some art; chatting with Anne; reading; watching wildlife…so keeping busy in a just “be”ing kind of way.