Monthly Archives: November 2018

November …

Well, I took part in the Supervets Regatta last month and drew pictures of gigs which went to Somerset, Bristol and London with visiting crews. Preparation for Christmas events are generally ticking along and seem to be on top of those things.

Yesterday google photos shared pics taken two years ago – a walk I had taken a day or so after my teaching career blew up for the last time. This month seems to be a difficult one and I am in a limbo where concentration is hard and trying to just be. I know I am lucky we have a life I never thought would have been possible in a beautiful area yet that loss which was not in my control keeps kicking back.

I am lucky I can rest and then start again and that’s what I shall do,,,, life gets busy from the 24th with Christmas events, goodbye visits to Broadstairs and Anne’s birthday. Once I am busy meeting people etc it will be better I am sure.