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Safeguarding and taking pictures on school trips

We have a revised safeguarding policy which ensures that all pictures on school activities are taken with school devices. However, there is of course a shortage of cameras available.

What solutions have you tried? I’ve been thinking along the lines of iDevices like the iPod which can use apps, be used for record keeping, taking photos and video. A school hard case could incorporate the school name and / or logo.

What have others tried? What works? What has proved difficult? Do multi purpose devices offer more than a camera for a similar resolution?

Thoughts welcomed.

Voting in class

My school invested in Promethean Activote pads a few years ago. They were used with mixed success. Those who used them the most tried not to keep them to themselves and as a result the handsets were under used. It is hoped this year to get them out and bring them back into active service – this links nicely to NAACE taking on the Risk It Strategy in October promoted initially by Ben Benjeddi of Northfleet school for girls.

Now there are a number of apps and online voting alternatives on offer. I have experimented with Mentimeter at some Teachmeets earlier this year. Alternatives include Socrative which a colleague is trialling with his ICT classes at present. Promethean offer ActivEngage and still have their handsets like the ActivExpression.

What have you used? In a networked room? In a BYOT/D situation? What must be present? Please share your ideas.




Mishmashlearning goes YT

In the summer holidays I shot several short video clips with my iPhone. I thought why not have a personal YouTube channel rather than the two I run for school. Take a look if you fancy, feedback welcomed – ideas that inspired me at the time – a video sketch pad or notebook.

Mishmashlearning YT channel

Or school channels:

geography department channel

ictac sharing and training channel

Teachmeet Essex

This will take you to the Teachmeet site.

Our presenters:



Hoorah – successes…

A good week:

#TMEssex we met for the first time on the 17/9. Within a week, we’ve booked 20 presentations -FULL. Over 70 seats now booked out of an allocation of 100. I am so glad to be involved with this initiative and I’ve enjoyed the conversations with members of my PLN about attending and / or presenting on Mon. 19/11. Also 5 TM newbies from School have volunteered to attend as well. So a key aim of introducing new staff to the concept looks good. We will have representatives of #SLTchat, #ukedchat and #DLchat on the same bill as well as other well known names.

So, rest, well no as there is a Teachmeet iPad being organised by @skinnyboyevans in Redbridge on Thur. 8/11. So now I’m chasing fellow iPad users so I can exchange ideas with many others.

Rest now? Well, no as today my position as a Promethean Advocate was confirmed. One of 15 individuals across the UK and Ireland I look forward to continuing to develop my personal use of the tech. alongside my training role within my school ( now trained 10 staff and 13 pupil digital leaders in the last three weeks). I get to meet the rest of the advocate team in November – what a busy month that’s becoming.

and breathe …….


September flies past …

The month of September seems to be disappearing rapidly. So why no blogging? I seem to be busier than ever and the first few weeks of term have been very busy:

Promethean Advocate application
– through Twitter I heard about this recruitment for keen Promethean users. I left it to close to the deadline, then submitted my case and current teaching examples that show I use my IWB and not an idealised example.
– the result – tell you when I know.

– invited to join a group of ICT keenies at a local pub on a Sunday evening for informal chat. It was great and now glad that although cool in the pub garden it was dry compared to this week. Lots of topics discussed including local proposed Teachmeets.

– another invite, this time to meet a local head teacher and a fellow tweep. The idea to propose an Essex teachmeet. We met on Monday 17/9/12. Now, just 6 days later, we have 19 presenters (/20) signed up and over half of our 100 tickets booked. The pace has been amazing and the calibre of colleagues we have drawn in promises a great evening.

– a new term, a shift from setting to mixed ability teaching. Group work and peer support has started well alongside the new school NU HOPE expectation strategy. Literacy emphasis in marking is starting to bear some fruition.

Staff CPD
– delivering IWB training to staff in-house. From beginners to experienced users seeking new tools like Tickertapes and timer tools.

Team building trip
– standing in for an absent colleague to lead 129 year 7s up the hill to a fun packed day of shelter building.

New clubs (not for MrWilshaw’s benefit but our students and mine)
– Digital Leaders issued with new laminated badges and lanyards. DLs also. Received their school leadership house ties. A matched training session so now we have 11 pupils with IWB training basics to support. New blood already appearing.

– ICT club – lets make more use of your links says Line manager- somehow I end up leading new ICT club- Scratch discovery session on Thursday was good.

– Rowing club – new termly meeting with London Youth Rowing and our aspirations for NJIRC in March 2013, new members and a club total of 2,000,000m plus by the end of July 2013.

…. So those have been “some” of the things I’ve been up to, so many points to expand on in future posts. All feedback gratefully received on here or @aknill on Twitter.