Monthly Archives: February 2016

Well… #29daysoffebruary are completed

This month I have posted a blog post everyday on Staffrm . In fact in the last 14 months since Dcember 26, 204 I have posted 113 stories. They are a part of a community, I unlike blogging here which sometimes seems a lonely existence. Please follow the link and see if any of the stories interest you. It averages out at two posts a week for 14 ,months, much more prolific and there have also been posts on here in that time too.

Now I have  agreed to try and post once a week for #44weeks, we will see how that goes. But I will be returning to my own blogs too.

February and target 29 days of blogging

I said I wouldn’t be in here as I would be blogging on and I have been, currently completed 17/29 posts much to my surprise. It means my total number of posts on Staffrm is now 101, a reasonable contribution. 

How are things? Well back at school five days a week and putting in a full week work hours wise. Half term was very welcome as the energy supplies just died at the end. It’s another half term with #teacher5adaysketch and I have been entering the suggested task each day but also sketching for piece of mind. It’s nice to get feedback from people about how my sketches have come on and I can see it myself too. The relaxation I gain from sketching still works unlike my colouring-in poster which is consigned to being rolled up again as it fell off the wall again.


Mishmashlearning goes quiet for February

I am participating in 29day blog task on staffrm. Also I have restricted access to this blog to followers and not the public for the foreseeable future. Until I have checked all of my followers there will be no further comment on this. Thanks for your patience. My Twitter account is also private currently.