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#Teacher5aday 26/1/15 review

Well, firstly let me admit I took this as a whole year challenge, so I hadn’t read initial post well enough. I am not just having resolutions about well being for a month.

So three weeks of term in, I have just reread my original post and I am very happy with my commitment to the points set out. The only real gap is the bicycle getting out but I have not had the energy for that, I am however going for a walk once or twice a weekend. Sometimes we identify birds now without the bird book – progress Indeed and magical moments like seeing herons at Hyde Park on Friday morning.

One of my new #connect moments is Sunday mornings, having a slow start and brekky with #aussueED. This week I produced question posts and received a new qualification.


I have learnt so much this month from colleagues, friends, family and feel that I have consciously taken time for me on a more regular basis knowing that I have also worked extremely hard too.

This picture is one that I took at about 08.45 in Hyde Park before a geographical course – a fab walk from tube station to venue.


A new blogging platform that I am using for some posts and experimenting. Have a look and see what you think, but I am not abandoning this account .

I came out today…

Apologies, if what I came out about disappoints but this was a biggie for me especially as today was the day when I shared this with my vertical form class and KS4 classes.

Are you able to be open? Why does this condition have to be secretive, it doesn’t help us in the long term and things won’t change if we are, yet I fully understand why most keep quiet.