Monthly Archives: March 2016

School holidays and rest

It’s the Easter/Spring break. Some tensions reading latest comments from union conferences and Education politics. However, since my return to school and kept away from KS4 classes I have no revision responsibilities and anyway I have booked to be away for much of the break.

Currently in Dorset. Days have included a small bit of driving, but more walking and tea shops, beach walks, photographs and sketches. Our youngest is interested in trains and with a heritage railway at his disposal has been making the most of it.

I am relaxed, I have at last shed the chest infection that didn’t really stand a chance while I was trying to teach with it. We slept mainly through Storm Katie, the houses here are quite packed together and solidly built but glad we weren’t outside in the wind / rain.

Most days I have posted examples of sketches on social media. Today we met up with the family of a fellow geographer also in the area. We have decided that this could be the coastal area that we would like to move to in the future or earlier if a job application comes off but don’t hold your breath, I am after all expensive even with a drop in salary.

I have enjoyed having social media contact with friends on FB and Twitter and it’s good to read and see examples of many taking time out – keep this up.


Stick your head up high and wait …

Enough … Is a post I wrote on this weekend. As a parent, teacher and mental sufferer the three were thrown into hiatus with the political decisions about funding for disability payment reductions in the budget, declaration that all schools should become academies and the school day should also be longer. Both of these buy into my own anxieties as the parent of two adoptive sons with additional needs who I want to be able to support towards more independent adult lives. Also as a teacher I see my work/career subject to whims that are not well argued for and a cause of unnecessary. Hange for myself, colleagues but more importantly for successive cohorts of children who are used as Guinea pigs for politicians to tinker with.

So I wrote a post and I have then actively sought online support from many that I know / have met / follow to see if they would agree to share it further. The article will be promoted throughout the next week as we head up to the Easter break. This afternoon it has hit about 1500 views in a weekend an achievement I have never made with a post previously.

As an experienced teacher and parent I believe it was time to make a stand, what do you think?