Monthly Archives: June 2016

Triggering a piece of detective work

This morning while retweeting some news stories on the @gasigict Twitter account I found a piece from The Independent about the Louvre having to close to move art stored in underground areas above the current level of the flooding in Paris. This made me think – if I want to know about UK river levels and flood risk I can look at the Environment Agency website or Shoothill’s Gaugemap work. This is now being extended to include cam views on some rivers too.

I then started to wonder what was available at a European level – some success in finding sites which I tweeted out. This is why I am keen on using IT as a resource support in Geography.

New life approaches…chapter 2

Life has become a cycle of time spent in the loft going through the detritus of the last 22 years of familial hoarding (mostly mine!), trips to the local recycling centre and the fun that is house viewings. We are selling two properties to move – my mother-in-laws went in the  first week. We are starting to become more popular with a series of viewings over half term and a flurry since June 1st.

We have had a building survey done on new property and now need to revisit and check a few things out more carefully. We need to find a builder(s) to quote us for some work. My new HoD has been great at providing names and contact details for sreputable services in Dorset.
My mind has turned to some ideas for the new role and I have passed on some ideas to my prospective headteacher re. Geography conference proposal for April 2017. 

I am currently doing a six week Stress and Mood Management course through my local Primary Care Trust and it has been quite timely as a valve for letting off steam between all the above plus work and family matters.

I can now see why moving etc is seen to be stressful and we are only at the early stages really. I suppose to be honest I just want to get on and be able to move then piece together our new life, gradually settling into a new place, job and way of life.

My guided visualisation relaxation place was Swanage Bay above, in my sit on top kayak on a dry, calm day. First sitting still listening to the water on the bottom of the kayak then paddling around gently – starting to feel part of the place.