Monthly Archives: August 2012

Random video clips go public…

I use an iPhone 4. It is my main stills and video camera. I take a wide range of photos which I stream to my iPad and also backup elsewhere. These are used in lessons or shared with friends and colleagues on social media.
For a while I have taken short video clips on mobile phones. Some are suitable as teaching tools, others are more random observations. As part of the mishmash development I have now created a Mishmashlearning YouTube channel. The aim is to show in most cases raw footage of some of my video clips. Some clips may have been generated using iApps which I shall acknowledge.

Feel free to view and comment as the collection develops and I look back at videos made on older mobile phones.the clips are made at the time usually out of curiosity and are not necessarily targeted at anyone but myself.


Return to school beckons

Hi to anyone reading my blog. I’ve stayed offline over the summer for a variety of reasons.


Today Thursday 23/08/12 gcse results day – meet up with fellow staff,yr 11 students and discover the latest chapter in the school’s life. I got involved in acting as yearbook distributor – a great team effort by a team of three students along with the Head of Year.

Overall, school results were up overall and including Maths and English. Individualsuccess stories,future plans, concernsoversome subjects linked to national discussions.

A great way to mark the ending of one chapter ready for the start of the next.  After the bank holiday myusual build upever the week to be reasy for the pupils return at the startof September.

WelcomebackMishmashlearning – ideas are flowing , more details to come…