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Me and my cello

Cedric is my cello. My parents bought him for me sometime in my mid teens. He was reasonably priced, had a great tone and was found in someone’s attic. He has been a constant companion ever since. He went to Europe with me by train, went to university and I ran and cycled with him across Cheltenham often to the alarm of Cheltenham Ladies College as they queued to get onto a coach and I parted their line.

For many years as I taught he would come out as I added to school ensembles to add strength to the bass section. Then neglect. In 2008 he came out as I practised to play for a colleagues wedding while the register was signed. See I beat Harry and Meghan’s idea.

Today I needed a distraction for my mind ( see art blog day nine) and I got him out. Cedric was almost completely in tune and only needed a little fine tuning. I gathered my music stand, some cello pieces and exercises and we went outside.

His bow is not tensioned enough and probably to be honest needs replacing, it’s the only bow I have ever had to play him with and I am sure 40 years is pushing my luck. Well pleasantly to my surprise my hands and fingers did not seize up and I managed to play extracts of or whole pieces several times. Mainly pizzicato (finger plucked strings) but some arco (strings played with the bow hair).

I hope as a dry forecast continues, to play more this week and we can assess if I am just scaring visitors off or not but it’s my bit of renaissance man with the art and classical pieces, oh and my Jaws theme extract.

Cedric and his bow – he is about 200 years or more old.

All the world’s a stage or in this case our traffic Island in the drive.

Invite an artist into your home and then distract them with a sketch pad, pen and a subject – I now have a Josh Hollingshead original of me.

Nope, keeping picture to myself thank you.

Art blogging time

Well, today will be the ninth day of Purbeck Art Weeks, my Open Studio so far has welcomed 140 visitors and only 9 canine visitors. Sales have already exceeded last year but then there is a lot more work to choose from and there have been a number of return visitors who people have chose. To visit my studio which is a great compliment.

I used to blog about education and as a reply to Iesha Small on Twitter today said I blog about lifelong learning rather than education but I continue to lead many things in this my new main occupation, but one in which there is less pressure.

So on there is a developing series of posts. If people like my work the easiest way to buy it for people who can’t visit is to contact me as I can invoice buy email to allow payment online. I like feedback just as much as sales, honestly.

Here are a selection of pieces I have drawn in the last two weeks or are working on to try different audiences.

Thanks for reading