Monthly Archives: January 2020

2019 ends and 2020 begins

Usually I have done an annual review which was part of an education idea about self nurture. I haven’t even tried this year because people who are in contact see my Facebook, Instagram or rarer blog posts.

So 2019, what happened in those last two months:

– took on new role as a part time shopkeeper – I love it, working three days a week at present suits well and loving the interaction with visitors and customers alike.

– took part in my third and final Artisans on the Beach event on Swanage seafront – only part time because of commitments eg shop.

– continued to sell work and do my duties at Purbeck Artisan Yard in Wareham where I will continue to sell my work as well as in Swanage

– sold Christmas cards after an invitation to join the christmas event at “Shop: Dorset Makers”, Creech – successful new development

– had stock with HappyHay at her emporium in Lytchett Minster

– completed my work with Swanage Primary years 3 and 4, including two class sets of pictures drawn on my Art for fun overalls.

– a change of christmas plans as Anne rushes to hospital on December 23 for an appendectomy on Christmas Eve and return home on Christmas Day.

Yes,2019 finished rather full on. Rest days = 1.5!! From 30/11.

So we are now in January and a role for me at home making sure Anne recuperates and I do more to help and drive whoever to appointments as designated driver. Also I am going to help in Monday duties (only 2) to build a new artisans kitchen area at the Purbeck Artisan Yard. Also 4 Fridays leading the Art Workshop group in Swanage on the theme of Stepping into Nature. So another busy month with upto 5 days work each week (not good at this retirement idea).

2020 – relax, exercise more, get out and about with Anne more, not overcommit each month and to work in the shop and keep making art.