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Hexagon peg – square hole

What a week… A Teachmeet presentation in Medway, Kent extolling the virtues of solo taxonomy and interpretive dance and Ronseal(c) references to teach physical processes in geography – a chance to be passionate about teaching and liked for it. A meeting where I feel steam rollered about what my job title actually means. An email to say that I felt steam rollered. A follow up meeting where compromises are made. A sports day where therapy is raking the sand pit after each jump for long and triple jump. A drink or two (non alcoholic) with comments about how I come across as a passionate educator.

Overall, lots of positives, the lessons outside, the entries coming in for the art, photography and originality in presentation competitions within the department (yes we teach geography, but creativity is king), lots to savour, lots to smile about.

But at the end of the week the overwhelming feeling that I do not fit. How can being passionate about my job, role, subject, vocation feel that I am in the wrong?

I am fighting letting go and sloughing (? Should that be slowing ?) in to despond. I do not want to fall, slide, fall off. I can not be around my family easily I am a miserable, snappy sod this morning. I want to fight back.

Is it time I leave teaching! I can not believe that question is in my head after Tuesday’s Teachmeet but there it is it is out in the open. Am I the obstacle?

Thoughts – mishmashlearning consultant, time out, travel, tutor, work in education a different way. I want to teach. I love to teach, I am a teacher, I am a geographer but also a cross curricular advocate.

If you are a regular reader; comment – don’t leave this post hanging. And be honest…thanks

Northern Rocks 2015 – Reclaiming Pedagogy – my 33 hours

This weekend Twitter and @Staffrm have been buzzing with discussion of, looking forward to and now reflecting upon Northern Rocks 2015, the second pedagogy conference from Leeds. I am one of the lucky ones, I have been to both the 2014 and 2015 events. Even more fortuitously I have been invited as a presenter at both. As people who attended workshop 1 in 2014 and workshop 4 this year will verify my partner Andy Day plays the straight guy as it were and this year especially. I play the more comedic route. If you were not in Lecture Theatre C for our workshop yesterday then you missed a practical demonstration of “Teaching Physical Geography through Solo. Taxonomy and Interpretive Dance”, this is an evolving piece. I have used it in Dagenham  a month ago and in two weeks a more polished version, perhaps, will be shared at TMMedway/Kent. But I digress…

What did the weekend include for me and why 33 hours?

I left school in Hornchurch, Havering (that’s in London) at 3pm after the children had cleared the gates on Friday afternoon. I drove North beyond even Watford Gap. My first crossing of the Humber bridge. My co-presenter Andy put me up and we tweaked our presentation and caught up.

Saturday we left the house at 7.30 am to drive to Leeds and the conference. Arriving I met Andy Lewis who still has no Talking Donkey costume much to my chagrin. We walked in to CA,pus Central and registered, already many familiar faces were about including the vertiginous Rachel Orr, well her shoes were vert… If nothing else.

The day had two panels, four workshops, a comedic plenary, Rachel Orr’s soaring vocals and David Cameron – the one that counts – doing a DJ set that was so good people even got up to dance apparently, though. I didn’t see them.

I attended sessions by Stephen Tierney, great to meet in person – impressed? As always and have already passed on how presentation to my school’s SLT as a recommended read. Then I ran, yes really to get one of the max. 20 places available for Den building with Cathy Cross. Everyone else was non secondary – did it matter, hell no we had a great time and today I have been looking to source ex military parachutes online – wait for that new capitation in September.

After lunch Di Leedham gave me many ideas to reinforce the EAL support my department can offer. Then finally my dance and part in the solo taxonomy workshop.

For me a great day, I met many online friends, made more friends, swopped ideas and memories. I got to voice a niggle in my head about how staff in their 50s are considered expensive and being pushed out of the profession, I got to wear wild socks and finally I got to do a ham fisted jive and not drop Karen DW Science.

So it ended there? No, a post event reception where I ate more peanuts being non allergic. Then I ran a taxi service for other members of Staffrm on Tour to Central Leeds. Played with the one way system and then spent some time in the pub – diet coke with essential caffeine before heading for the road. I was home before midnight ns did not turn to stone.

Today I am weary but elated, it was a good trip and tickets providing I will be back in 2016. Three cheers for Northern Rocks…Hip Hip H……