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I left teaching, I attended a teachmeet in Poole in February and I went to Pedagoohampshire today. So what is going on?

Well today was my third visit to an event that started in 2015. Teachers and others connected to education gather, chat, listen to talks, participate in workshop sessions, chat with new friends and old, go away and try to mplement some change based on their new learning. These events happen in people’s own personal (non work) time so that shows commitment too.

I had a great day.

I was told how much more relaxed I look. I looked ten years younger. My art is great. My experience had value as how often do you get to talk to people who have actually left… I sold some art, I designed and received a tshirt. I chatted.

I really enjoyed attending and my thanks go to many who were there today or in 2016 or 2015 and the many other events we have met at. At the end a friend said which event will I see you at next? And I had to admit I wasn’t planning to be at anymore to be honest as. Am now out of the profession. I then received invites to be at events again in the future including this one – we will see.

Finally thanks to Martyn Reah the driving force and host behind this great event.


This means a lot … Mentioned.


Tweets flying around recently asking for recommendations of geography tweeters so I submitted several to The Guardian. Today this article appeared and not only did I get a mention but I wasn’t on a long list, I am one of 6 – chuffed.

As various colleagues and friends have commented there are of course many others who could have been nominated.

The key value of this however will come from more #geographyteachers networking and sharing ideas through individual accounts, department accounts, or group / organisation accounts like @gasigict that I co-ordinate.

Oops …. Blog neglect

Hi anyone who follows this blog. I have realised that the gap since my last post was growing. So initially a fill in on what’s been happening:

March 16- informal post of first review of lesson planning format
Follow up – a student survey was carried out in the final week of the spring term to cover several aspects and this is still being collated.

March – April
More articles have been submitted for publication in @UKEdMag and so far I have been published each time either as @aknill or @globalsolo. I now await May’s issue to see if both pieces make it. Also promoted the idea at the at events I have attended. The number of twitter mentions to advertise magazine are maybe a little uncomfortable at times, but I fully understand how magazine must advertise its existence.

This time included the news that I had been nominated and listed in the @UKEdChat top 100 UK Ed Blogs – a very pleasant accolade. I’d display the widget badge thingy but not worked out how to do that yet.

April – I attended, the conference, my group’s stand and presented a workshop at #gaconf14. The Geographical Association’s annual conference held at the University of Surrey in Guildford. Being on the ICT Group’s stand and meeting a range of geographers from several countries was very interesting and I could see that further follow up would be needed.
My own workshop on Starting with Apps on Tuesday 15 April was an active event. Mission Explore had laid down some conference challenges to speakers linked around the word Dance. Well official photos showed a group of geographers joining in a mad dance free form to Electroswing at the start of the workshop. The room was overflowing, I hope someone counted how many attended but it was more than the 40+ spaces originally seated and arranged.Solo taxonomy was used to gauge progress and 26 post its were left for feedback. This will be commented on in further detail with a workshop write up on here, the GA site (www.geography.org.uk) and a new blog – details in a bit. I enjoyed catching up with friends and colleagues, meeting many new people and stretching my brain with the subject concepts which I have not taught in many a year.
This weekend,at the start of May, has seen the start of that conference follow up through the beginnings of: @GASIGICT on Twitter and a new blog on: GASIGICT.wordpress.com. The aim: To have one central place for geography educators to share ideas about web resources and apps that have been or might be used. An encouraging start which of course has gone globally straightaway with links in Abu Dhabi, Australia, USA, Ireland, UK, New Zealand, China and Canada.

So busy? Yes you could say that plus family holidays with more coastal pictures already being shared in lessons.

Sologlobalchat – the first one – 13.04.13. WORK IN PROGRESS

On Saturday (13 April)morning at 11am a group of teachers gathered to chat together about a shared interest – Solo Taxonomy.

The following participated:

Individual Twitter handle Location Specialism

Brendan Jones @joneseytheteachr Australia PE


Chris Harte @charte Australia


Andy Knill @aknill UK Geography, ICT


Steve Mouldey @GeoMouldey N. Zealand Geography


Diane Farrell @fardef Australia Mathematics

Georgia Constanti @georgiac Australia k-6


Alice Leung @aliceleung Australia Science


Helen Rogerson @hrogerson UK Science


Lucie Golton @LGolton UK Science


Sonya Vanschaijik @vanschaijik N.Zealand


Emma Watts @emmerw N.Zealand Primary


Julia Breen @Jbreeno1 N.Zealand PE/Health


Jamie Warner-Lynn @deadshelley UK English


Graeme Eyre @gceyre UK Geography


sa_78 @sa_78 UK PE

myfot @thisismyfot UK History/Sociology

Amjad Ali @ASTsupportAAli UK Law, AST T & L


Andy Sammons @amsammons UK English


Tom Phillips @TomPhillipsPE UK PE

Claire Power @Miss_Power85 UK Geography


Fred Domingo @fredgdomingo Australia Science

Katharine Hutchinson @kjhutchinson UK Geography


Mrs M Atherton @mrsmdatherton UK English

Ross McGill @TeacherToolkit UK AHT


Debbie and Mel @TeacherTweaks UK English

Alice has posted this already.

#TeachTweet #ukedchat wow

I have just been privileged to have taken part in the inaugural #TeachTweet. Ably co-ordinated by @ICTMagic and @ukedchat on Twitter. A great CPD event with many ideas to share, reflect on and return to watch several times as a clear case of information overload.

Archived at; http://ukedchat.com/2013/03/28/session-144-teachtweet-session/

My own effort at: http://www.scoop.it/t/links-from-ukedchat-sessions/p/3999065848/teachtweet-video-07-by-aknill-ukedchat

Share these videos with. Colleagues and extend good practice further.


Thursday 28 March sees a new idea from UKedchat – the teachtweet. This has been put together by @ukedchat and @ICTMagic. A number of Teachmeet presenters are making / have made ( more organised than me!) videos of new presentations. We will be on twitter on Thursday between 8 and 9.30pm to answer any questions about our presentations. Which reminds me – I have a plan, and of course it needs to become a video.




Please join us and tell others about it to.

Teachmeet CV


So, Teachertoolkit posts about how attendance at Teachmeets could become part of your CV. I’ve mentioned mine since 2012 became busy and 2013, has started well. I don’t have the profile of Ross but I have a twitter and Teachmeet presence. So –

2008 Attended Teachmeet East London organised by Anthony (@skinnyboyevans) Evans in Redbridge. Suitably overawed I watched presentations and felt out of place.

2012 Feb. Teachmeet Essex held in Wickford and hosted by @Dannynic (Danny Nicholson). Lots of student teachers and some familiar faces inc. @Penny_Patterson. I presented for the first time as Mishmashlearning. A new persona was about to appear.

2012 Feb. half term a drive to Leicestershire to Teachmeet Play organised by @squiggle7 (Emma Dawson) and @mikemcsharry. Mishmash’s second presenting outing and a chance to visit my old PGCE area of Leicester.

A pause, and the. Start of this blog as Mishmashlearning which allowed me to include my wide and varied interests.

2012 July RaspberryPi Teachmeet in Cambridge. Some familiar faves from TMEssex in @ICTmagic (Martin Burrett) and twitter @EdintheClouds ( Mark Allen). Another Mishmash presentation but drawing in @SheliBB (Sheli Blackburn) and the rising Digital Leader Network.

2012 Sept a meeting with @headguruteacher (Tom Sherringham) and @ICTmagic, this. Time to propose a new Teachmeet Essex run by the three of us. My role to cajole speakers – filled the sheet in less than a week.

2012 November Teachmeet iPad organised by @skinnyboyevans – presenting on geography apps ( not selected for my 7 min on iPad mishmash), also helped sell raffle tickets.
On same evening @Danielharvey9 used my two presentations at Teachmeet Brum.

2012 November presented at our Teachmeet Essex on Digital Leaders – involving the audience standing and introducing many to the concept of solo taxonomy. Met many twitter friends and made many new friends.

A busy first year of presenting and actually being involved in running the 3rd largest TM of the year (unless you know different).

New year 2013.

2013 February my annual trip to the BETT show developed further. In the afternoon I presented two Teachmeet takeovers. @Dawnhallybone and I presented on Geografree – apps for primary and secondary classrooms – a link back to meeting at TMiPad. @SheliBB and I presented on Digital Leaders before Sheli went on to her third presentation of the day.

I attended Teachmeet BETT but unfortunately was not selected to present. I had however got the job of selling raffle tickets which I took to with an enthusiasm that surprised even me. A very successful role and one I hope to repeat.

2013 March. A phone call and offer from @ICTmagic meant a lift to Teachmeet Milton Keynes whose organisers included @squiggle7. I volunteered to @swaygrantham to sell raffle tickets again. A new year and a recurring theme with my 2 minute stand the audience up for Digital Leaders. A modified 7 minute on my solo taxonomy journey and one that I can keep editing and adding to.

2013 March. The next day Pedagoolondon where I attended workshops on Group work, 7 e!s, PBL and Solo. Also an opportunity to meet many more twitter friends. In the evening I got to kick off the proceedings with my solo presentation used the night before in Milton Keynes. A few extra technical issues with the trusty iPad VGA convertor.

Next? 18/3/2013 our next Teachmeet Essex. I will be adding to my new Solo presentation. After March? More at some point.

No totals, you could count for yourself but the best year’s self development as a teacher I can honestly say I have accessed with several other presentations and meetings as well. I like my new online network. I love the sharing, the exchange of ideas, the friendship. Next challenge: not a Teachmeet but #sologlobalchat on 13/4/13 an international chat to encourage practitioners to share ideas.

BETT 2013

Well, 4 days later and time to post as I’ve now had time to reflect. I attended BETT on Friday 1/2/13 missing my school’s first day as an Academy. This year I’d applied for leave of absence back in October so that I could attend on the Friday and attend the Teachmeet if one took place.

After a while notice was posted about the TMtakeovers. I have now done a number of TM presentations so I was tempted by the idea. Dawn Hallybone and I had discussed getting a geography presentation together after my apps one at TMiPad in Nov. 2012. She already had a title ready “Geografree”.

DIgital leaders was another topic crying out for more BETT attention and after the RaspberryJamTM in July in Cambridge, Sheli Blackburn and I had agreed we should do a presentation together. I spoke with both ladies and book us in. There was a minor panic when Sheli was then booked up for the Stone stand. But we worked out that we could start together before she moved on to her next talk.

In 2012 I had met up with Penny Patterson and David goers via Twitter before the event and saw a couple of other people I had chatted to previously including Juliette Heppell. Would 2013 be the same?

Time dragged and I kept checking that yes I was still ok to go which was a relief as by now Pearson and Classroom Monitor had signed up to give us stand space. Luckily as both TMtakeovers would run one after the other the two stands were adjacent to each other.

Presentation ideas were stopped online and I promised to put the final slides together in keynote on my iPad. In the end not completed until Thursday – the night before. Meanwhile I had got a TMBett13 ticket in the first batch and signed up to help somehow. Digitalmaverick contacted me and asked if I’d take on the job of investigating how we could donate to Sandy Hook Elementary.

This was an interesting challenge, very conscious of not knowing if the school would accept contact after the events they had experienced. I searched online to find there is a fund being run through a bank in Newtown, Connecticut. One evening I rang the bank and had a good chat. I explained how we would like to donate the money directly for an educators award. They emailed me back the next day with the email of the PTA board’s VP. I emailed her and we established that the board would like to use the money to give grants to classroom teachers for additional projects. We agreed this would be a good use of the manner in the spirit in which we were offering our support. Digital Maverick made contact after me when the details of setting up this fund was discussed in more depth.

Now to prepare myself. Each year I have considered a t-shirt with twitter tag etc to make it easier for people to recognise me. The Sunday before I went to my local Staples store and ordered some personal business cards so I could make it easier to contact means attract more blog readers. That was easy to do. While they were organised I went into the local mall where I ordered two t shirts with some of my tags on ( these were not eventually ready in time). So no t-shirt. I know I could wear my A4 DIgital Leader badge – already on my profile pic and known to many from TM appearances.

Ok the day itself, an early start train then a local bus to see more of the area of London around the Excel centre I was there by 9 ( I never got to Olympia that early). A coffee and first twitter contact spotted – Edintheclouds. Mark was in a hurry and didn’t hear me. Then is potted Mary (EBD.) , Bev Evans, Bill Lord and someone I didn’t recognise – grumbledock without face paint.

An encouraging start. I’d planned my day so into the hall alongside Anthony Evans. I went off to explore stands at the far end of the hall. I made my way from side to side of the exhibition.a couple of time stopped by stands – the badge eliciting the comment ahh Andy Knill I follow you. This was very pleasant. I worked down until I passed Learnlive theatre E where Penny Patterson was setting up. A quick hello and on towards the Stone stand. Some of the people I sought were it at their stands a return visit or more would be needed later.

I watched Chris Sharples and the LLS Digital leaders presentation, meeting Johnnycake Ball and a number of other tweeters some of whom I did not recognise ( Daniel Harvey especially). It was good to congratulate the DLs and meet Chris at last. Sheli appeared and there was a DLN get together. Then off to Promethean to meet my advocate contacts. I agreed to be filmed for a company piece and also to discuss the new tablets on show.

I located the two afternoon stands for takeovers and got my bearings. Off again, more stands and arrive at Learn Live D for the DL piece inc ICT Evangelist Mark Anderson, another first face to face meeting plus Mike Lane, Tracey and other DLN members. The audience numbered about 120 and after met other familiar faces – Simon Warburton, Kev Bartle, Rachel Jones … This post is becoming a who’s who of tweeters – what a difference a year makes.

The afternoon – tmtakeover with Dawn on the Pearson stand inc an ex pupil fromMark Hall,Harlow (my last school) on the stand. The presentation was a hit and some follow up chat afterwards.
Off to Classroom Monitor and meeting Sheli to set up for second takeover. I bellowed, heckled- Sheli later referred to it as market stall approach. I was in my element and greasy enjoyed both talks. More I the afternoon watching friends present, meeting more people I know in the aisles or on stands. A DLN coffee meet up was nice when I demonstrated how an A4 laminated badge can save you when you spill your very hot coffee.

A drink with friends in the Fox nearby then back for Teachmeet Bett – how good would it be? Would my 2 min nano be selected? A good day became even more memorable – a fantastic range of presentations, more twitter mets, an Action Jackson mug, no my nano wasn’t selected. But. For me a new name – Raffle Guy. Mainly alone I sold raffle tickets in a energetic manner – best to ask for others of their impressions of this. Did I sell many? Hoped to at least match £250 from TMiPad. But eventually took £650. A great amount to pass on to Sandy Hook. Teacheat followed with a range of spicy Caribbean morsels then back on the train with Danny Nicholson to Essex.

WOW a truly great experience .

On reflection – I’ve already offered to sell raffle tickets for 2014 Teachmeet, do another takeover presentation with Dawn, take my school DLs up for a day and to make presentations. More twitter followers and people who have since realised that andy @aknill is also “raffle guy”.


TMTakeover Geografree


DLN meet up at Learn Live Theatre D

A modified A4 badge with bees


Watching the DLs from LLS at Stone computers – spot Johnny Ball on the right hand side, when I’d arrived he was chatting to the group.


If you know these two (lol) this was taken on my iPad while I was off selling raffle tickets – your moment of fame!

Keeping in touch globally

This week while teaching about flooding with Year 8 we’ve had more floods in the UK and in Queensland, Australia. So having promised the pupils to not teach out of date examples from texts how could we resource this?

UK- I have made extensive use of the BBC news links online and the Environment Agency’s Floodwatch. We used comparative screenshots over a two day period to show fluctuations in the flood warnings and linked snow melt reference was made to the make snowmen advice given and why this would slow the release of water back into the drainage basin.


Queensland – I follow a few locals on Twitter after last years floods around Brisbane and Toowumba. I use YouTube footage of Toowumba's "inland tsunami" to show the results of flash flooding. So I have information from the area.



Our lead Humanities TA (G. Conroy) also contacted a friend in Queensland and passed on some photos taken of the floods – just after discussions about the need for rain. Well after the bush fires affecting Australia that’s not surprising, but maybe not this much rain

These resources will be used to conclude the unit.




Thanks to recent views.

The last three weeks as January saw a return to school have seen little or no posts. Life seems to be on fast forward a lot of the time. It is great to see that a few visitors have read some of my older posts and it has been very satisfying to have been recommended on Twitter by several people for my posts on the Solo taxonomy.

So, why so busy? Next week is my big treat and adventure – a work day at BETT 13. I usually attend on the Saturday in my own time, however this year I applied for leave of absence back in October. So, what do I do there? The last few years I’ve collected details of resources that may prove useful to colleagues which I’ve passed on in the following fortnight. I’ve kept a record of the responses received – it’s nice to open people’s eyes to new opportunities. In 2012 I’d discovered Twitter and managed to meet up with friends face to face, some for the first time.

2013, what’s different? After a year where I’ve got much more involved in Teachmeets I’ve secured a ticket for the biggie – the BETT Teachmeet. I’ve signed up to possibly present if selected by the random fruit technique. I’m helping to organise the raffle after an enjoyable evening in November helping with this at TMiPad with Anthony Evans in Redbridge. Meet a few people and wander around? Well yes, but also signed upto present two Teachmeettakeovers. One with Dawn Hallybone about geography apps ( a follow up to TMiPad and a link to my role on the Geographical Association ICT group). The second with Sheli Blackburn on Digital leaders, we met up at the RaspberryJam Teachmeet at Cambridge in July and decided we’d try to combine together at some point in promoting the development of the Digital Leader Network.

Other people to visit: Caroline Wright at BESA who has offered me some opportunities that I have been unable to take up so far; Andrea Carr and the Rising Stars team with Switched on ICT; Promethean to see which of the team who I work with as an Activadvocate; Stone computers whose stand involve talks from – Dave Smith from Havering SIS, Lady Lumley school, York on secondary digital leaders and more. Many twitter friends are planning to be there and I am looking forward to meeting them in person. It’s going to be a full on day and evening with the Teachmeet and teacheat and one I shall be talking about to colleagues for weeks or months.

So I envisage a rush of blogs soon.