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Back to exercise

Yesterday, Wednesday 29 July I went to a running shop in Chelmsford and with the help of a very knowledgeable man called David tried on, jogged on a treadmill and had my gait commented on to select two new pairs of running trainers – a road pair and a trail pair. Now with proper protection for my lower limbs I can start the plan to run again.

I have run on and off since the age of 14 and been reasonably successful in my time with PBs (Personal Bests), though not a great race winner. It has been the sport that I always return to after breaks. This break has been much longer and I left my running club after 19 years about four years ago. Exercise has always been a great way to destress and recently it hasn’t been there so it is way overdue to be back as part of my life – adrenaline, endorphins and good old fashioned sweat from pushing myself. I had a reputation at the running club that I would always come back too quickly so setting myself monthly targets for distance run without stopping and a race target (I will be aiming to finish, not compete with others) on 1 November over 10 km. 

So, today I went for a walk in a local nature reserve with Anne, we walked further as we followed an art trail of 47 hares produced by Thurrock yr 5 pupils. We walked with 47 stops for about 90 minutes, but v gently as we had to watch the ground carefully so that we did not turn our ankles. After some other errands we returned home, I changed and having identified some local loops and out and back routes using ArcGIS app yesterday I set off to see if 5k-ish was achievable straight off.

Well, my feet were comfortable, my style good, my body heavy and I. Felt like a bit of a slug to be honest. It is a gradual incline on the out leg. I wanted to stop on several occasions but kept going to the turn around. On the way back lethargy kicked in and I stopped – well I did keep walking a few attempts but on last road that hpgoes round area I managed to jog again. Last hill I walked. About 3km jogging and 2 km walking I reckon. Overall it had taken me about 35 mins (click in house before and after). That was faster than I expected, but the targets became clearer.

Target 1 – tell a range of friends online I am returning to running – support / heckle as required

Target 2  – enter said race: Billericay Striders 10km so commitment to target made.

Monthly targets

August – be able to run upto 5km without stopping

September – be able to run up to 8km without stopping

October – be able to run up to 10km without stopping

November 1 – complete race – I admit I would like to hit 60 minutes or just under.

Review and set new target(s)

So there we are, instead of boring @staffrm with my running as it is part of my #teacher5aday commitment to exercise more, I will blog here, not every run probably but an ongoing measure. After all you don’t have to read my posts, but if you do and you comment thankyou.