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A chance to talk

I watched the news this week when a piece came up about a closed group on Facebook for men with infertility issues to talk to each other.it was a clear video report and I went away to investigate further.

I have admitted to a  number of things about myself through this blog over its time. It truly is a mishmash into the ongoing process of life and learning about new things and about myself.

Yes I am infertile. There it’s said. A dark secret held onto for many years that has tortured me for various reasons that I have probably created more myself but like Mental Health a secret held onto for many years.

I now have a forum where I can talk openly. I am not sharing those conversations here but it is another valve / release for negativity that has helped my mood lift this week. Not because infertility has been a relevant issue for me for a long time but because it is a skeleton ejected from the cupboard of my mind.

I have been lucky in meeting friends able to talk about their mental health openly and we look out for each other.

Do you have skeletons in your cupboard that you would like to set free?

Mishmashlearning diary recently

My last few posts have been very personal. I have wanted to blog but the worthy education projects must wait for the personal upheaval to settle. This is my life warts and all. I never intended originally to share like this but I have many online who keep an eye out. Thanks for your care and support. “Normal” service? This is my life but pedagogy group, work with companies, teaching, trialling, piloting and on June 22 I will take up the Teachmeet stick again and travel to Norwich. I am so looking forward to it. As my 2013 targets post from December was updated justo week ago 2013 has been a busy year so far.