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…and some positivity

So yesterday was a better day. I had several things I wanted to achieve. Ambitious but a drive to not hide away. I got out earlier and loaded the car with recycled card from the garage, a remnant from the family move. Made it to the recycling centre and one target achieved. Then into town, parked up so a walk in to the centre. Barbers was shut for lunch, never mind I could come back on the return journey. Onwards to Love Cake, but today not cake but lunch. A great bowl of Goat-sausage casserole and chunky bread and Fruit Punch tea to accompany it. 

Next an impromptu trip to the library which fortuitously was on one of its open days. So I now belong to the Dorset library system and have some books to read, mainly about the local area in my thirst to know more about it. Then buying daily paper for my mother in law and a walk back up the hill.

The barbers was open so shorn and shorter easy to manage hair once more. So only one target not achieved – moving fern can wait another day.

The evening involved lots of catch up with friends on FB and Twitter including offering some support to other friends in need as well as receiving support. It’s good to give back too.

Awaken today to a bright new day. Let’s have another good one.

The ghosts in white are pots wrapped against the frosts we have had. 
I did all the trips above with my wife, not venturing out alone yet but soon, maybe soon.