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Wow, didn’t know about this….

Checked twitter feed last night to find this picture sent to me.

So after some tweeting, linkedin messages later, this morning I have a copy of what was said about me.

Yes turn your screen or head but don’t crick neck. I have thanked my likely nominators and am now going for afternoon / evening trip to be at #gaconf17 #teachmeet and #beermeet although I will be on soft drinks to drive back tonight as working in the morning.

Very honoured to have my contribution recognised like this. 


Part time job for Wareham Boat Hire means I spend lots of time splashing about in a river moving boats and talking to a wide range of customers. 

Artwork is going steadily in build up to Purbeck Art Weeks – see http://AndyKnillArt.wordpress.com for separate art blog. 

Mental health generally good – now been keeping GOB diary for 110 days and 102 are positive.

Life is much more relaxed, frequently fun and quirkiness encouraged.


This means a lot … Mentioned.


Tweets flying around recently asking for recommendations of geography tweeters so I submitted several to The Guardian. Today this article appeared and not only did I get a mention but I wasn’t on a long list, I am one of 6 – chuffed.

As various colleagues and friends have commented there are of course many others who could have been nominated.

The key value of this however will come from more #geographyteachers networking and sharing ideas through individual accounts, department accounts, or group / organisation accounts like @gasigict that I co-ordinate.