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Today I had my second sea swim since Christmas. This one was however after slipping over while recovering rollers at the stern  of one of the rowing boats. The water actually felt warmer than on Boxing Day but no loss of soh, in fact I actually enjoyed it. 

So I was at the boat shed by about 8.15 am, warmed up on the Erg, helped set up two boats and an hour’s row with B team and first time out in a wooden gig. Several aspects to work on, but sunshine, fresh air and sea makes a great pick me up to start the day.

This afternoon a walk in Swanage out to Peveril Point where more of the sloping beds were exposed, then a drive up to and walk at Durlston to see if there were groups of seabirds as had been reported on fb the last two days, several gulls seen gliding in and around the cliffs and several sightings of cormorants / shags flying out over the water.

Now feet up watching the garden for pheasants, squirrels and any other wildlife.


Gosh four days without an update, how remiss of me

Well a change of attitude at the weekend saw me take more control of my situation. I would keep busy, do more things, useful ones. Stop being lazy and be helpful around the house.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday all positive days, some low points in conversations at home in the late evenings. Gardening – leaf collecting, drain clearing, drainpipe cleaning. Starting to rediscover outbuildings features with extreme gardening or just excuse by me – yesterday was in garden in shorts and sports sandals (top modestly covered). Shopping  – tumble dryer, cd/radios, did bits and bobs, sideboard, dining room chairs. Exploring centre of Poole without getting lost (in geography speak: exploring). Yesterday afternoon I attempted to kayak at Studland beach – not much distance but wet, cold and invigorated. Been to coach junior rowers on Monday. Actually completed majority of open rowing training on Tuesday. Walks around Studland bay – so a lot more positive.

This morning started well despite being awake from 5am, read book, did ironing, retail, went to direct a delivery Lorry which  drove up the footpath trail rather than main drive and passed me on its way out. Started to consider options for working outside and put some “feelers” out. Enquired about and booked self on open day about Outdoor Pursuits instructor course on next Autumn. But in trying a third place at 4pm to get mother in law a late paper, drove past “the” school, realised it was yr 7 parents evening where I “should” have been teaching and talking to parents. Lost plot, ranted openly on FB, lots of support messages from friends and also returned favour for some as well. Lost several hours but recovered for family to viewing of recorded show, although aspergers review of series one and catching up voiceover from armchair made it a burying at times. 

Now blogging and several jobs identified for tomorrow to stay busy.

Thanks for reading. Some canvas prints from pictures taken down here on my expensive camera (mobile phone actually).

A week in the life … Part two

So, you have had time to look at the first post about the holidays. Wednesday was the Globe.

Day trip three: Ballet

The forecast is 32C and the ballet trip is not until the evening, so a later start. Going to the ballet had been on the to do list for many years and at last was to be realised. After Wednesday’s extra walking the plan was not to stray from the Covent Garden area, pre performance meal booked.

The train was hot, the bus was hot but the underground didn’t bear thinking about. We found our first cool drink at Sacred, the cafe at the back of Stanfords. A breeze and good air conditioning meant a cool down was earned. We then mooched around the shaded streets to the north of the market area reminiscing about shops that used to be there in the distant past.

Coolest shop – the house of fruit,with a little tech. browse. More sitting on the cobbles and watching the world go by until we retreated under the canopy to listen to the buskers.


The ice cream van on the left is apparently a House of Holland shop (gleaned from newspaper the following weekend!).


A meal at Brasserie Blanc overlooking the market and a fierce and welcome a/c vent. Then onto the Royal Opera House. A lift to ride up. Once inside we took a stage pic as most others seemed to do as well.


So Swan Lake by the Bolshoi at the Royal Opera House was fab.simple sets but magnificent dancing. We need to do this again.

Bus and train ride home and a rest day on Friday.

Youngest son returned from camp on Friday night so Saturday was a recovery day for all of us with another adventure awaiting…

Memories lol

This week a group of fellow tweeps and I were discussing running attire and I found myself going upstairs to find items of clothing that have been “stored” for a while and took a picture- you have to be “brave” to wear some of these out of the house, let alone run the GNR in the closer fitting ones. One of the manufacturers mentioned was Troll who used to market a range of more colourful and exuberant trousers for climbers / walkers. It turned out that two of us had both owned “Jesters” a multi coloured patchwork design. Mine are long gone as they didn’t fit me in the ’90s let alone now. However, today Alan (@Geoblogs) posted a picture of him in his Jesters from 1991and I found myself off to the loft to search through old pictures for evidence of mine. I am now going to publicly submit myself to possible ridicule and show these pictures online. I am also going to show some other pictures that show similar fashion decisions and also how teaching technology has changed. So sit back and prepare for nostalgia time.

Item 1 – the items of running and walking attire I still own


Working our way down the picture are two pairs of Troll walking trousers from 1989/90 made from a man made material called Tactel. Windproof, fast drying, packed into a trouser pocket lining and in attractive colour schemes.
Then we come to the running attire – the black and white pair were part of my staff leaving present from my first f/t teaching post in 1992. I also wore them for the GNR 1992.
The second pair from 1994 were part of a 30th birthday challenge to my brother to buy me the most revolting pair of running tights he could find – didn’t he do well. Worn for the GNR 1994 where the crowd of runners was so thick that o spectators started to make fun of them until mile 10+ as we got to South Shields.

The worse news (is that possible) is that the trousers have both been worn on non uniform days to teach in at previous schools – and no most people couldn’t cope with them either!

item 2 – the Jesters and an earlier set of Trolls which I and a fellow worker wore to teach Outdoor Pursuits in on theIsle of Wight in 1987 for two companies: Dolphin Holidays and TOPS adventure.


Yes, I was 23, slimmer and I looked a lot younger. secondly that is a teddy bear wearing the yellow and red trousers. HIs name was Edgar, he was about 4 feet tall and we caused quite a stir when people saw us wandering around the Edinburgh festival.

I think a new post for the next set of pics…

Afternoon 2013

A great start to the year with this morning’s walk. So exercise done, but no a stuffy head so after lunch left the others to watch a movie and off out again. Music in the ears – Boo Hewardine, starting with Geography – what an appropriate track. I followed an old route from my running days and set off. The cool air was refreshing and the clouds were still few and far between. The High Street was quiet and most places were shut. Then back through the park where I had been this morning, the cafe still open at 4pm obviously business had been good today. Around the park and lake and some late afternoon shots to bring the walk to a close.




In total about 5 miles walked today, a grand start to a new year and all fresh air exercise, not in a gymnasium.

Safeguarding and taking pictures on school trips

We have a revised safeguarding policy which ensures that all pictures on school activities are taken with school devices. However, there is of course a shortage of cameras available.

What solutions have you tried? I’ve been thinking along the lines of iDevices like the iPod which can use apps, be used for record keeping, taking photos and video. A school hard case could incorporate the school name and / or logo.

What have others tried? What works? What has proved difficult? Do multi purpose devices offer more than a camera for a similar resolution?

Thoughts welcomed.