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Reflections . . .

This blog has had a more retrospective / reflective role in the last 8 months as a new beginning fell apart and an alternative new beginning started. Last night I sat and read through all the posts from August 2016 to April 2017. It was good to see how low I had become and I was able to see that even on #rollercoaster days where my mood varies that I am in a better place.

So, how is life now we are in May:

This weekend I do my 14th and 15th shifts at Wareham Boat Hire – I have now manned the business on my own a couple of times and successfully set up and packed away. I have had a go in all of the boats except the SUPs which have rarely been out so far. I have learnt routines, how the various types of equipment work. I have a better knowledge of Wareham and am able to help visitors with questions. I really enjoy my days by the river in our sun trap. I have been fortunate to have only had one shift rained out. Last week Anne , while visiting, asked how I would score the job out of 10 for how happy it made me feel – my answer 19 !! Yes it is that good. At the end of the day I go away relaxed with nothing extra to do. I have started to paddle my own SOT kayak too in Swanage and on the River Frome. I will do more of this as it helps me when guiding our clients.

My artwork – I enjoy it but the being commercial aspect has caused variations in my mood and self doubt to come thundering in. In the next 16 days as we head into Purbeck Art Weeks (PAW17) I will:

– collect exhibition piece one back from L’Artishe gallery in Swanage

– drop off pieces, exhibition sheets and labels at Etches fossil collection in Kimmeridge, Verges piece for RSPB Arne and Corfe Castle canvas, prints and cards at Rollington Barn for PAW HQ exhibition. I will also have pieces on show at Art Workshop in Swanage

– make my home Open Studio (22) ready to receive visitors with signs, a silk flag, old examples of work and new pieces developed through the 16 days of the art festival.

– I must just enjoy the experience of chatting about my work, mental health linked reasons for starting. A lot has happened since the end of January, yes all that time ago!!

So life has enough to keep me busy. In addition there are family linked tasks that take up attention to. If you are in Dorset over May 27 to June 11 please pop by between 10 and 4pm for art stuff and contact me about other times. We have some guests booked but others are welcome.

This week some things have knocked me off kilter but now over 130 days into my GOB diary keeping only 11 have ended as being below ok. I don’t always dismiss the negatives now and some of those dominate my thoughts but every day has positives of some sort and there is clearly another side to me apart from teacher and I have a future worth living. Those two aspects are huge compared to where I was mentally just a few months ago.

Alternatively there are also weekly news updates about the art work on AndyKnillArt blog.


A week in…

Hi, a slower week night so I thought a blog post-et i.e. brief? Well Wed. and Thur. last week were staff training days and then I started to meet pupils on Friday. Tomorrow marks the end of my first full week in a new department, new role and my fifth school.

I have returned to my love of Geography and am now Head of Geography at The Albany School, Havering. I have 4 staff working in the department.

My first commitment to myself- until the new GCSE specs appear! stick and maybe tweak the current scheme of work. Do not rush in and reinvent the wheel as it were. Great idea and I am sticking on the GCSE plan currently. However, a muddled search for matching resources and sow at Key Stage 3 means that this week a new team have started to deliver and develop a new Key stage 3 course that will integrate the old and new National Curriculum specification for Geography.

A non specialist, who has been grateful for being supported at last – why would you not support non specialists in your area? Two new staff, one from the Republic of Ireland and one from Australia and myself.

David E. Rogers, Priory Geography and other departments that I have admired previously I have achieved that aim – I have a fresh team, open to idea, enthusiastic, a range of experiences and a school that supports us innovating – as long as we deliver on the dotted line – and fair enough.

So initiatives, we are a Solo Taxonomy department and have been from day one, we are using it across KS3 and GCSE classes. We are looking to develop a curriculum that draws from the teaching and travel experience within the team. We will move away from a text based course to one where co-operative learning challenges attainment. Work by Ron Berger (An Ethic of Excellence) and Carol Dweck (Growth Mindset) will be used to challenge and extend. A new in school club: Explore – will combine looking at geography from an inquisitive, enquiry and Guerilla approach and also link curriculum support to assist or extend pupils who seek that.

We have a duty in a school with a 13% EAL cohort to learn more about our school population’s cultures. To celebrate those cultural differences and entwine that into our geographical education. We will look outside to new ideas like the proposed Greater London National Park City. We will build on my extensive PLN to develop links with schools globally. Our first international visitor is provisionally booked for December from New Zealand. An aspiration includes a linked school visit to New Zealand for 2016.

I want to lead an outstanding department within two years. I believe I have the foundations to do that and I hope to blog about our journey as a new phase and pathway in the Mishmashlearning process. Thanks for reading. As always your comments are welcomed.