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Two weeks in and the shop is developing nicely. I have spent an extra day in each week building items from scaffolding boards and pallet pieces. We are receiving a steady stream of visitors and making some sales, better than I expected initially.

Art table mark one, since I proved to make it more stable and also used as a workbench for other carpentry projects. The boarded wall to the left of the picture and the counter to the right were left by the former tenant and have helped set the theme for our rustic look.

Furniture in the shop now includes; a bench, two stools and matching tables that Lee from “Rescue and Restore” built for me in the summer. Items that I have built include the art table that will be used for “Art for Fun” once I start to have takers. I have also built a window unit that uses the small windows at the side to form small display spaces.

Then we have a combination of card carousel, print browsers, app,crates and pallets that Jo is working on. Next week we will be putting up our shop sign which Jo is painting the shop name onto.

The general feedback about the decor has been very positive from visitors.

As always I enjoy interacting with customers and visitors. I also have the bonus of parking so that I walk the seafront each morning and afternoon around the shop day.

Developing a skill…sketching

Since June 20th I have been sketching and I have now bought books to read to look at others work, techniques and ideas plus the #teacher5adaysketch initiative currently taking place. I have used a variety of sketchbooks mainly A5 in size so far as they are easy to transport and carry around with me. I bought some drawing pencils but have then stuck with using fine liner pens. My first purchases were Pilot drawing pens bought individually in London from the London Graphics Centre. My student Rotring set awaits setting up to use – I must do this soon. Then I discovered Cass Art while on a break in Bristol and have since visited their Charing Cross Road branch in London and using Staedtler pigment pen set which others line widths from .05 to .8. 

I have thought about using colour but lack the confidence to try yet on paper, I have found a solution and am now using Paper app on the iPad. I sketch on the iPad or photograph one of my sketches and import it to then colour with pens or “paint”. The results are developing and it offers me an introduction to using colour.


Draw something / pictionary goes hi tech

Draw something – currently a success as an app. Like pictionary or Taboo (apparently) – use drawing / visual learning skills to represent words. Tony Cassidy has developed a geographical set of cards for revision purposes. A good resource for starters / plenaries or just flash card revision style. This is where innovation and keeping up to date counts.



Socks extends his portfolio

After some chats on Twitter yesterday about the use of sock puppets and puppet pals apps from the Apple store I found myself revisiting the idea of how the idea could be used more in my main subject of geography.

Both videos created: longshore drift and Introduction to Italy were uploaded to my bpictac YouTube channel (link to follow).



Explain Everything App

Explain Everything is a screencast app that allows you to make slide shows / videos to assist others with using apps or software. My first try is about using Google Translate to help with EAL students at school and is aimed to back up a Keynote presentation used as part of an in-house staff workshop on 14 March.

My copy is saved within the YouTube channel I’ve started to support staff becoming more confident with their use of technology in school or in collaborating with others.