…and then Covid-19 lockdown

A neglected blog as so many people are sharing their everyday existence. I mainly do it through uploading of photos to Instagram and Facebook, occasionally Twitter for those interested.

2020 had started well, I hinted at a big art project for April..

Oh well. All three units stocking my work are shut. Purbeck Art Weeks 2020 postponed and that project – paused – Resident artist for here more than at The Knoll House Hotel, Studland.

Anne and I joined and paid membership for Swanage Sailing Club – at least we have started Zoom sessions to learn how to sail without capsizes of wet feet.

We have seen some changes already this year:

– Anne’s mum moved into a residential home in Swanage

– our first week away on holiday on our own for 23 years to Cornwall, luckily pre lockdown

– plans to move to our flat in Swanage in August – currently on hold

– join the sailing club and a new joint hobby plus storage for kayaks by the water

….art events as mentioned already

….November holiday – flights booked and now fingers crossed.

I don’t want to dwell about the lockdown,enough is already being said. Essentially we live in an idyllic lockdown location, my pension means we have a steady income and the art shop will reopen when allowed. Yes we would like to see friends for real and drink and eat at our favourite cafes,walk on favourite beaches but that can wait and we have our health.

If you don’t already see my daily posts – see

@andy.knill on Instagram

@andyknillart on Facebook

Please stay healthy, minimise risks and look after yourselves to anyone who reads my posts.



First lockdown art original

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