“Half term report”

Well, the schools are on half term.

So, January – the quiet time of the year for shops in coastal resorts. The good news is that despite sales plummeting for me, and in general at Purbeck Artisan Yard,the new venture in Swanage has covered its rent in January and February with ongoing sales.

Art workshop – I led four sessions using the ProMarkers and a variety of other media available through Suzanne whose group it is at All Saints, Swanage on a Friday morning. An older crowd than those that I am more used to. We took the theme of “Stepping into Nature” and developed pieces based our own likes and dislikes framed by our senses. We drew around our feet to represent the steps into nature. Pieces developed included a range of sunsets, silhouettes, mono and back prints using nature materials gathered. My teaching experience stood me in good stead for offering a range of assistance as well as providing the initial lead in each session. Some of the group have also been to visit the shop and I hope they will return as the year warms to draw for fun.

Working on seasons frieze
Stepping …literally

The “Art for Fun” table in the shop is starting to see more use and I have developed a range of items that can be bought for small amounts if people want to draw more than their free A6 art postcard. Tuesday in half term (18/2/20) saw 11 take part, a mixture of children and parents plus me of course.

Menu of Art for Fun options

I have also had fun hand colouring and producing commissioned Valentines cards and have decided to make the original card commissioning a regular service to offer at just £4 for a unique 7” by 5” greetings card with envelope hand drawn to client’s remit.

New use for my Landrover at Studland pen and ink design (£3).
A commission example linked to a prior contract by recipient.

As we head into the last week of the month a new project starting in April has been arranged but I will publish details of this once publicity is started by the venue I shall be working with.

Altogether a busy yet fun start to a new year with more adventures to come.


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