Anne and Andy walks

Today the intention was a walk at Studland beach and we did this after some errands in Swanage first and the walk in and back from free parking via the seafront. We then drove to Studland parking at the Knoll beach National Trust car park.

Usually we do an out and back walk on the beach, today we went through the dunes and heather / gorse area and then onto the beach just after the naturist area signs (a bit cold for them we thought). We then returned along the shoreline enjoying the antics of various dogs and their owners.

A small lunch and a piece of napkin art for me (see art blog). Then back home. Between Swanage and Studland we had walked 3.6 miles, an encouraging start to our plans. I did not paddle in the sea but had shorts back on.

This morning;

I went on an additional walk as I woke early and felt the need to get out. I walked from home to Swyre Head and back. It was very frosty and the only other people I saw was a farmer on his tractor and the estate gamekeeper out feeding the pheasants. I took a range of photos to use for art inspiration and walked about 3.2 miles.

For me then just over 10km, my right knee let me know it had worked hard, so rest physically and admin for art to keep me busy.


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