Yesterday it was the first anniversary of my breaking down/apart in work in front of clients. Today is the first anniversary of my admitting  that was enough and resigning from a career that I was just into my 29th year of.

I have been very conscious of this the last two days and also what I now have as my life and how lucky I am to be in the position I am now in, in terms of where I live,what I do workwise and my family around me. The temptation to wallow is there but I don’t want to wallow because I don’t need to. I have produced several new pieces of art yesterday. I went out and into town today, something I didn’t dare do at this point last year. At the moment I have taken some time out and am enjoying watching  wildlife in the garden. A quiet weekend ahead I think where I can reflect on how lucky I have been and also come a long way in the last year.


2 responses to “Anniversaries

  1. Good, so good Andy! Dont dwell on it, move forward, ever onwards and upwards. Have a great day.

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