It’s a Friday post again – two week gap this time

So tomorrow is my first Craft fair and trying to sell my work to people at a formal event. If you read this on Saturday – Rempstone Road, Swanage- St Edwards Catholic Church hall from 10 am to 4 pm. Come by and say hi.

This week has been busy with a visit to see my Dad in Kent. It included a trip to Langdon Cliff above Dover Western docks. A sunny day but slightly breezy so we had lunch inside. Then a coastal drive back theough Kingsdown, Deal and Sandwich. Then ice cream sundaes for three adults at Morellis, it was fun.

Traffic to and from Kent included congestion and alternative routes through the northern New Forest on route to and the SouthDowns returning. The visit to IKEA in Southampton, although useful was probably a bit too much. So Wednesday was a tired day.

Acrylics workshop this week included the mixing of coffee grounds and paint- it will be interesting to see if the pieces smell of coffee once dry next week. A disappointing survey on the property we are/we’re looking to buy so some replanning needed. In the evening a social gathering linked to my support group included a range of songs live by Emily Maguire, the niece of our host – a very touching range of pieces.

Thursday I built several items – wire frame carousel and put cards in it,Alex drawer unit for art supplies from IKEA that includes new full range of promarkers colours. Also have browser for fine art prints. Finished bathroom unit that Charlie had started but became stuck on- a bit more force and problem solving but took hint and volunteered to try. Inevening rowed for first time since Three rivers on 4th March. Rowing at 2 onstrokeside was different, only one crab and a quick pin change showed how practice drills help.

Today a variety of retail visits and preparation for craft fair tomorrow – I will report back on this.


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