Glimpses from a roller coaster

So, it’s Wednesday 25 January and later I will note some positives for today. I won’t dwell on the negatives or record these as I have done in previous years in blogs. My GOB (Glimpses of Brilliance) journal will continue to be recorded in. It’s already good to look back knowing that life has been like a rollercoaster of emotions already this year for a variety of reasons but my record shows the positive thoughts.

In reality however mere trifles like following up an appointment from two weeks ago, to the very team you would hope can help causes an emotional crumple, full body shakes, confidence to speak on the phone goes, curled in a ball,  crying my eyes out and the loss of most of a day that had started positively. Yes, my life has positives but there are so many things in my heart and mind that are unresolved, uncertain of what they are, how they are. I have plans for a future with family but the rest is a haze. Anything teaching related and quite a lot even geography related is too painful.

Why post this blog? Because it’s another record I might come back to in the future when in a better state. The viewing figures are down but considering I am no longer on twitter that removed a huge potential audience. Is this really meant for others to read? I could make it private? Oh well if you normally read my posts you may have some insights. 

If you one of the readers,thanks, hope it’s not too #depressing. I am having to admit to myself that this mess in me is taking longer to resolve than I thought at first. Hence the blog post title…


One response to “Glimpses from a roller coaster

  1. I read it. I’m listening. I understand. Just keep working through everything. Your family and friends love you. xoxoxox

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