Learning about my body

I have now had two sessions of treatment after my trapped nerve and right arm issues in November / December. I asked people at the rowing club for recommendations. There were two favourites, on further research I have opted for Purbeck Rehab. http://purbeck-rehab.co.uk whose holistic approach appealed.

Gina, my physical therapist has made me consider the workings of my body in a very different way and the thought process as well as movements have educated me as well as treat my body’s ailments. I have gone away and read about Chapman points, shared a conversation about “active release” treatment with one of my Canadian cousins who had prior experience of it too.

I have started to piece together in my head how much interlinking goes on that I just hadn’t considered before. In GOB 07 Jan. (Previous post) the tensing and movement above my hips seen in elements of the rowing stroke link directly to conversations had already. I find myself altering my grip on the oar to reduce elbow tension and so on. 

I will be interested over the full course of treatment to see how the balancing and linking of strength to mindset etc will hopefully produce a more effective and relaxed Andy.

What therapy experiences have you had that make you think more carefully about yourself?


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