GOB 06 Jan.

Day 6, impacted on by a very poor night sleep wise – see interim blog after Gob 05 Jan. So it wasn’t a good start to the day. Just before 6 am the first positive;

+ eventually managed some sleep and may have only been until just before 11am but it was an uninterrupted sleep, so a positive and secondly hadn’t lost me the whole day. Several friends passed on ideas online of ideas to try if sleep unsuccessful.

+ a trip into Corfe Castle including a walk from the National Trust Castle View car park along the woodland trail, clad in shorts and bare feet with sports sandals a bit extreme. But felt good to be cool. Hot drink out and a sketch while we sat in the car.

+ early to physio appointment so did a sketch looking out of the car, got. In slightly late but session seemed long – left at 17.10 so about 90 minutes treatment – some strange exercises but could feel benefits immediately.

So here is today’s post, some bits not helping so a clear dip towards the end of the week despite lots of positives. I need to reflect and look at what is triggering negative thoughts. An exercise at physiotherapy showed how my mood or mindset impacted on strength. Maybe I need to look at applying this more often.


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