GOB 05 Jan.

Later post than normal as after evening training …Today I had to challenge myself when something felt negative – this is the first doubt to make me think that hard. I went out for lunch and in car as passenger coming back felt sleepy in th sun. When I got back I slept for 2.5 hours, woke feeling stiff in the legs. Less than an hour later I was off out to training. My body clearly needed sleep and sleep is therapy so on reflection it was a positive, but I am glad that I had to reflect, I am sure this will happen more as the year goes on.

Well today’s positives that I am sharing;

+ an ex pupil has been struggling with her dissertation in getting respondents so I offered help and contacted people in my Professional Learning Network on Facebook. – to be honest it’s as much a Personal LN too. Several have offered their help. It felt good to help with my network a great resource.

+ last night at the depression support group I attend, I recounted some of my negatives from the festive break but was also able to mention my GOB book and these posts, if any one from the group is reading – welcome.

+ I went out for lunch with my wife and mother in law, did some sketch practise at the table and was approached by one of the waiting staff who explained how they showcase work in the cafe to consider for the future. I still found it difficult to use the word #artist to describe myself.

+ I made some administrative phone calls, never fun but got on with it, an aspect I avoid sometimes too easily

+ rowing training – yes, legs stiff after sleep as mentioned above; managed ok on warm up run to clock tower and back along seafront; did first erg session and circuit part ok. Noticed weakness in right arm from previous injury pre christmas and did my physiotherapy exercises in between, so will have more feedback to give at my second appointment tomorrow.

Overall, today still felt like a positive day. Having to reflect and think quite hard whether something was positive or negative in my head challenged me but this was good practise and the reality of dealing with my depression / anxiety from day to day. I predict future GOB posts may include examples of more reflection and possibly even some negative aspects in a day but the aim is to find some positives and I am sure there will be some.

Thanks to those of you giving me regular feedback as I appreciate you have returned to work this week.


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