GOB 03 Jan.

Third day of the year can the run of positives continue? Yes they can and have all day. Looking for positives  and not dwelling on the past is a good way to work through the day. So today started with watching various birds and Cyril squirrel eating in the garden. It’s interesting to observe which birds will push to the food and which are hesitant. PHil pheasant and friends are nervous around squirrels.

+ watching birds feed and sunrise colours

+ online offering support to friends especially teachers returning to work as I won’t be doing that again and of course at the moment Ian not working yet so easier to be positive maybe?

+ a trip to Bournemouth that saw my newer iPad (2014) recovered and able to use again, croissants, walk in the lower gardens down to the coast, a walk then lunch on the pier – all in sunshine, col but still shorts weather on principal if nothing else.

+ dropped into canoe shop to look at alterNatives for winter wear to get out on kayaks – some ideas gathered

+ added to my local know,edge and gaining confidence driving around Bournemouth and Poole without using sat nav (google maps)

Several more too but that’s enough to share. So a good day and ideas to get on with tomorrow too.


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