GOB 02 Jan.

Second day of positive posts, Glimpses of brilliance. Another good day, not fast paced, plenty of time out but several recognisable positives.

+ friends / ex colleagues discussing back to school and not getting to me,to be fair not missing the pressure aspect at all.

+ chatting with a variety of friends online has been a.positive aspect of the day.

+ some clearing / tidying of boxes left from move – progress made amd some stuff actually thrown out. Anne my wife noticed that nostalgic look at various photos was a good experience.and I was smiling, has not always been the case.

+ friends dropped by for a drink and a natter, this is massive,in fact this is their second visit. It’s the thing we want to increase having visitors but being off the beaten track has not encouraged more than a few so far.

+ finally, not my achievement except pride as a Dad in Charlie completing his whole journey back from Essex on his own. His longest independent travel so far and included a couple of unscheduled changes taken in his stride.

So pleased with the start, just keep reminding myself that I need to take a day at a time.


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