Nurture 16/17#5aday

Well for several years I have set ideas to blog then reflected at the end of the year. A lot was around the whole idea of striving for work life balance. Then along came #Teacher5aday on the principles of #connect, #exercise,#learn, #volunteer,#notice. I joined in as it made a lot of sense. This New Years Eve is different as I have withdrawn from the teaching workforce.

So some reflections on 2016. I apologise for once, not going back to 15/16 post.


Returned after mental health break as Head of Department. Poor communication and different agenda going forward meant I was not wanted so looked about for new post.

Secured new post for September but dropped responsibilities of management and large chunk of wages. All seemed to be my sort of philosophy. Started well,soon communication again an issue and linked to other concerns. So another big mental health slide that I covered up a lot of the time. Culminating in many weeks where I contemplated ending it all and release others of the burden and hard work that is me when low.

It came to a head when offered support, that didn’t materialise, until revisited as an idea three weeks later. To add insult to injury this support would be “fun” I was told. I left early that day after for the first time being seen by pupils completely broken down. I didn’t go home but drove for several hours. Luckily through social media and phone contact I came home v late. Within hours I had resigned, admitted teaching and I were over as a partnership.

Thank you is extended to the many supportive contacts from ex colleagues,ex-pupils and friends/family who made me see that in 28 years I had made a lot of difference for a lot of others. I accept that is true and although signed off from then on it is the pupils and several colleagues I miss.

So work – not a success.


A bit better at keeping in touch  this year. Ups and downs but I like to think more consistent.

Losing Mum this month was hard but her funeral was a great celebration of her life.

Unfortunately linked to it came a falling out with eldest son – will things recover?I don’t know.

A new home in Dorset,changed living arrangements, stress of house  sale and purchase falling through left renting a beautiful place at least for a little while.

Notice / learn

This is always ongoing through photos taken, drawings made,walks in countryside or on beaches seeing new things. I enjoy my surroundings and this has continued to be positive.


More since move including mainly walking,cycling,some kayaking and new hobby sea rowing and oh.. digging. So this is in a better place and the move has helped.


Social media use,new place, rowing.. Met many more people.


I am back helping coach junior rowing again and I love it.Maybe more volunteering for an Individual Needs Club in 2017.

So a busy year. A year with many lows. I am still here thanks to the persuasive powers of others. Tomorrow is a new day. I think a day at a time is plenty for me to focus on.

Thanks if you read this.


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