Tomorrow I am …

Thursday 22 December 2016 I will be:

– the eldest son of Pauline and Michael Knill

– older brother to Liz, Kate and Richard

– husband of Anne

– dad of Jonathan and Charlie

– nephew, cousin, uncle …..

Who I am as posted recently won’t matter because I will be at the funeral for my mum Pauline Knill. I will be there to honour and say thanks for her life. I hope to be able to support others within the family as we celebrate her many achievements.

My own mental health has not helped in the lead up to this event. Tomorrow I want to be strong for myself and others.

My niece Caitlin has put together a slide show on iMovie with images from throughout Mum’s life and the biggest thing throughout was her smile.

I have inherited many things from Mum. I followed the same profession. I care for colleagues and pupils at times of need. I get involved with service to others through volunteering. I do too many things often. There are more links. Some that I would recognise and others that I might have not noticed.

I would like to thank family and friends for their support in the run up to tomorrow, it is one of those life moments you know will come when you attend the funeral of a parent, but not a time to look forward to.

Pauline Knill

14.07.35 to 04.12.16. RIP


2 responses to “Tomorrow I am …

  1. Be strong. You & your family will be in my thoughts.

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