Storm Angus and Swanage

Last night (Saturday 19/11) storm Angus hit Dorset in the evening and overnight. Wind speeds and the driving rain slowed by dawn. Local social media sources showed that there had been damage to the seafront in Swanage and encouraged people to stay away. The best sources early on were The Bournemouth Echo news site and Swanage Fire station Facebook page. BBC South later filmed a clip which was used.

Late morning (Sunday 20/11) I went down to Swanage to see which areas were still cordoned off. Keen not to get in the way off any clean up efforts, but willing to help it if needed. The map screenshot from Google maps is used to show the location of the images I took.

1) The parish slipway and sea wall in front of the Square (Town Museum) bore the brunt of damage to the wall. Apparently waves colliding were causing spray up to 30 ft high and the wind was gusting at up to 60 mph. The first photo shows the stone benches and debris which had been scattered over the footpath.  

The second photo show the damage to the tram / rail lines used to move stone to the quay.

Playland amusements that is on the side of the path had three plank high aluminium flood defence in place, but water had obviously still got in. The next obvious signs of debris was around Gee Whites restaurant building opposite the stone quay. The waves had carried in a range of cobbles and seaweed to the west (3) and east (4) side of the building.

The fifth photo shows some debris on the slipway, some of these may have been pushed there by the JCB removing flood debris from the Lower High Street earlier.

I hope the located images are useful for some of my geographer friends and possibly classes. 

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