A few jobs before Storm Angus

Well we re-potted the tree Fern yesterday into a new and much larger pot. Would it be more stabile? Well storm Angus says yes, because still standing this morning,windswept, fronds flying up, but no other damage. So a morning in the garden, clearing more leaves, can’t be that many to go as most are now off the trees. Re-potting and moving tubs about. Bit of dry wall sketching- chose too big an area as hands frozen, so focus on small section. 

Wet and windy afternoon meant a planned walk to Peveril Point was shelved. reading, listening to music and some tv in the evening. As the night drew in the noise from outside increased. Weather site checks suggested gusting to a peak about  1 am.

We had quite a lot of water down the chimney, so mopping up and gathered in garden chairs that had blown off front step. 

Slept eventually. This morning no real damage around us, went for a walk along footpath and drive to check if any branches  down.

News from Swanage on various channels is not good – damaged sea wall by wave damage and flooding near Town museum. So an area to stay away from – fire brigade appeal as possible structural damage. Posted. Query on row club if any damage at front of boathouse .


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