I did it …

I did, I did it at last. Things came to a head. I could fight back or walk away. I walked. I have resigned from my post. A term of considering my demise in a variety of ways was enough.

I am leaving teaching.

Thank you to those friends, colleagues, pupils (ex) who have shared their memories I already realise that I have made many positive differences to many lives so now it’s my turn.

Life after teaching …. A new category for this blog. I will still do educational things it’s in my blood. I am a geographer through and through so that won’t change. But after just over half a term of my new post I need a new path to forge. So 157 half terms later …

5 responses to “I did it …

  1. Well done Andy. Me too. I’m selling wine, and loving it. Long hours, but not stressful – and when I’m home, I’m home – no books to mark or lessons to prepare, no impending pile of curriculum planning etc I’ve been putting off. Right now out shopping with my daughter – never on a Sunday as a teacher, at least not without an increasing dread of the work remaining to be done for Monday. Hope it all works out for you!

  2. With all good wishes for a happy future. Thanks for your tweets and sharing your geographical knowledge. I very much enjoyed your input at the first GA conference Teachmeet. Love the cloud suit. Best wishes to you, your family and the socks.

  3. A whole new world is going to open up for you now. Best wishes from Devon!

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