School holidays and rest

It’s the Easter/Spring break. Some tensions reading latest comments from union conferences and Education politics. However, since my return to school and kept away from KS4 classes I have no revision responsibilities and anyway I have booked to be away for much of the break.

Currently in Dorset. Days have included a small bit of driving, but more walking and tea shops, beach walks, photographs and sketches. Our youngest is interested in trains and with a heritage railway at his disposal has been making the most of it.

I am relaxed, I have at last shed the chest infection that didn’t really stand a chance while I was trying to teach with it. We slept mainly through Storm Katie, the houses here are quite packed together and solidly built but glad we weren’t outside in the wind / rain.

Most days I have posted examples of sketches on social media. Today we met up with the family of a fellow geographer also in the area. We have decided that this could be the coastal area that we would like to move to in the future or earlier if a job application comes off but don’t hold your breath, I am after all expensive even with a drop in salary.

I have enjoyed having social media contact with friends on FB and Twitter and it’s good to read and see examples of many taking time out – keep this up.



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