Well… #29daysoffebruary are completed

This month I have posted a blog post everyday on Staffrm . In fact in the last 14 months since Dcember 26, 204 I have posted 113 stories. They are a part of a community, I unlike blogging here which sometimes seems a lonely existence. Please follow the link and see if any of the stories interest you. It averages out at two posts a week for 14 ,months, much more prolific and there have also been posts on here in that time too.

Now I have  agreed to try and post once a week for #44weeks, we will see how that goes. But I will be returning to my own blogs too.


One response to “Well… #29daysoffebruary are completed

  1. Hi. FYI you missed out the @ from the http://staffrm.io/@andyknill link.

    If you post more frequently on Staffrm, you could you link to those posts on this blog, as posts here too.

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