Thinking time

Yesterday, Saturday 23 January I attended Bett2016, the UK educational tech show. I went for two reasons;

1) personal interest in any tech developments that I might link to / use / aspire to for my geography teaching

2) meet other education friends attending

On the first aspect I was less inspired than previous years, although previously I have gone with a cross curricular ICT role. If I had the time and thought we could make extensive use of minecraft in geography I would have invested time in this, but the drive is towards a grounding prior to GCSE.

The second aspect was far more satisfying. I met with friends from digital leader links, borough ICT team, Twitter, Mirandanet and teachers participating in #teacher5aday and who presented. 

I listened to two presentations in the #learnlive #secondary theatre – Rachel Jones on apps she has used across a range of ages – many of which are free and included: periscope,  Lego stop animation, screencastomatic, live Twitter and storify with older groups, quiver, green screening, old school pen and paper as although she works in a one to one device school she acknowledges that you use what is available to you. Rachel has always been an advocate of writing on surfaces – Windows, table, chalk on carpets …

The second presentation was by four representatives to approaches to #teacher5aday. Martyn Reah introduced the concept and talked about how it has caught attention and well being is now even on the agenda of the DFE. He was supported by Abiie, Bukky and Julie who shared individual and school approaches and how monthly challenges have started to form part of the programme for many.

During both presentations I did a sketch – my link to #teacher5adaysketch. I have posted about the people at Bettbeing the key aspect and well being through other suggestions made to add to the 5# already in place. These posts are on Staffrm and are found at:People and Work life balance. Between the two posts they have had 220 views in the last 24 hours.

The following pictures show the sketches and a picture of myself with Martin Burrett, better known to many as ICTMagic or UKEdmag/chat/… Taken by out mutual friend Leon Cych of L4Ltv. Also a picture of three of the #teacher5aday team – see if you can name them from the sketch.


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