Using art to express emotions

Life is a rollercoaster for many of us, linked to emotions. How we release those or conceal them varies and we hopefully find our own strategies. In just 24 hours my art work shows a good example of contrasts.

Sunday evening I spent 75 minutes colouring-in on my poster of London. The image above shows the use of a variety of colours, extra touches like the detail in the newspaper and tour boat windows. Colours were bright,imagination was fired,I was in a #good place.

Monday evening an iPad art creation in ArtSet app to show how a third session of absorbing emotions from family members had pushed me to #leak. #Emo-sponge reaching overflow proportions. In my teaching of Geography an analogy, I have developed for teaching about how surfaces cope with long periods of rain is exemplified by the sponge. Here I took this idea to illustrate how my emotional sponge can also leak / overflow.

So some artwork, a blog post,some quiet time away from the #BowieRIP on all social media channels and my sponge has been wrung out to open up fresh pores.

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