Halfway back


It’s the weekend of my third week back in school and halfway through my phased return. So far I am really enjoying my classroom teaching even if I have almost had to start again from scratch with my classes. Expectations and an ability to be very patient with them is starting to work. Marking is showing them that I have read their work and there are steps they can take to be on their “pathway”. Work wise of course I am not overloaded as only 9 lessons being taught so far. One slip up but settling into my new subject of Year 7 philosophy. 

Feedback, comments from pupils seeing me in the classroom remain positive. I have not heard a negative one which is very welcoming. I was reined in from taking back on some duties before I am allowed – I ceded and will wait patiently. The planning fits easily, marking needs a bit more time but limited by my standard school day as I am not staying past the earliest I am allowed to drive off site. 

Everything seems to be bedding in. There are some discussions I am planning in my head for meeting pre full time but they can wait. Finally school does not intrude at home. I am finding time for my new colouring poster, sketching, reading … And I am much calmer with any family matters including visits with parents.

Stamina is returning and I have restarted my gym aspirations for 2016. One additional decision has been to draw back more from social media so I have completed this week a reduction in people I am linked with by halving my number of FB contacts.it has led to interesting conversations with friends about how many I had built up to (~ 600). Next task is the same exercise for my main Twitter account this time the number of people is nearer to 6000. I calculated earlier in the week that even with dropping my work with the globalsolo network in June I still have about 9000 links. I will continue to blog, more for me and if people read it then thankyou. I have already said that I will do less education events – I enjoy them but others need a turn on the stage, I will do more listening and in some individuals cases heckling gently as they have done for me previously.

Finally, many thanks to all the supportive comments and messages I have received from family, friends, colleagues, educational links and ex pupils – you are great and I really appreciate it and have had the chance to return the favour for some of you too.

Onwards ….to full time teaching once more.

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